Mango float is a popular dessert during Christmas and New Year occassions for every Filipino. If you go to every house during holiday, Mango Float is always serve on the table as the sweet and delicious dessert. The thing is, Mango Float is the easiest dessert to make and the ingredients don't cost too much. You can make it even there is no special occassion or even in an ordinary day as a yummy snack. Because of its easy steps to do, what you need to have is a couple of ripe mangoes, graham crackers,  condensed milk or evaporated milk, and I'm sure you are ready for this.

The steps below will show you this dessert layer by layer. The only challenge will be how long you can make it last!


1 Mix the condensed milk and the evaporated milk in a bowlMilk for Mango Float

2. Prepare the ripe mangoes and slice it into small pieces

 Ripe Mangoes for Mango Float

3. Put the layer of the graham crackers at the bottom of the rectangular container.

 4. Spread the mix condensed and evaporated milk on top of the layer of the crackers

Spread Milk Mixture for Mango Float

5. Put a layer of sliced mangoes

Sliced Mangoes for Mango Float

6. Put another layer of crackers and repeat the previous steps.

Once you are done, Chill it on the freezer or refrigerator.

Final Layer for Mango Float

7. Enjoy eating

Mango Float