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  • Here are the 8 ways to organically improve your business or personal brand on Instagram engagement and following!

    With more than 800 million monthly users on Instagram, it’s a valuable tool for business exposure to reach the right people at the right time! To engage and grow your Instagram following it’s crucial that content posted is relevant to your industry, on ...

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  • The barrier methods of contraception put a physical barrier between sperm and egg, so that the two cannot meet.

    i. Male condom or prophylactic latex

    The condom is a synthetic latex sheath worn over the penis during copulation to prevent the sperm from entering the woman’s womb. It has a sealed end that catches the sperm-containing fluid at ejaculation. It ...

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  • Natural Family Planning, also called fertility awareness, refers to methods for planning and preventing pregnancies by observation of the naturally occurring signs and symptoms of the fertile and infertile phases of the menstrual cycle. Intercourse is avoided during the fertile phases of the menstrual cycle. Intercourse is avoided during the fertile phase if pregnancy is not desired. The natural methods ...

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  • Reproduction is the basic biological reason for sexual intercourse. However, most people enjoy sex and do not want to conceive every time they have sex. There are many reasons. They may wish to concentrate on a career, they may already have too many children in the family, or suffer from certain health problems, or dislike babies, or feel too young ...

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  • SAP Netweaver

    6 years, 11 months ago

    E-commerce is driving companies to connect their business applications, such as ERP, to the Internet to provide data sharing between companies. The combination of software tools that lets various programs within an organization communicate with other applications is called Web services. Whereas an application service provider (ASP) delivers software over the Web, Web services connect various software applications over the ...

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  • SAP ERP has to keep pace with rapidly changing social and legislative developments in the corporate world. The HR module has been expanded to include features that assist managers with HR tasks that have only recently become important to corporations.

    Mobile Time Management

    Many employees, especially sales personnel who spend a significant amount of time on the road, may not ...

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  • Discussing in detail the many processes related to Human Resources is beyond the scope of this article; however, some of the advanced features of the Human Resources module in the SAP ERP system, including time management, payroll processing, travel and training coordination, are discussed below.

    Time Management

    Hourly employees, who are paid for each hour worked, must record the time ...

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  • As an introduction, we will look at the way business process involve more than one functional area, using a very small business as an example – a fictitious lemonade stand that you own. We will examine the business processes of the lemonade stand and see why coordination of the functional areas helps achieve efficient and effective business processes. You will ...

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  • Early ERP implementation reports indicated that only a low percentage of companies experienced a smooth rollout of their new ERP systems and immediately began receiving the benefits they anticipated. You should put such reports into perspective. All kinds of software implementations can suffer from delays, cost overruns, and performance problems, not just ERP projects. Such delays have been a major ...

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  • How Much Does An ERP System Cost?

    7 years, 7 months ago

    Cost of an ERP system includes several factors:

    • The size of the ERP software, which corresponds to the size of the company it serves
    • The need for new hardware that is capable of running complex ERP software
    • Consultant’s and analysts’ fees
    • Time for implementation (which causes disruption of business)
    • Training (which costs both time and money)

    A large company, one ...

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