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  • Interest in clothing and personal adornment remains strong in early adulthood. Because they know that appearance is important to success in all areas of their lives, young adults frequently spend more time and money on clothing and grooming than they can afford. Below is the list of importance of clothes in personal and social adjustments.

    The Roles of Clothes in ...

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  • Wayang Kulit

    2 years ago

    Dance may have been the very first means of communication. It can be traced that dance as an act started from the moment it was harnessed to a rhythm, probably the stamping of the feet and clapping of the hands. Throughout recorded history, there is static evidence of dancing men in painting, drawings and sculptures.

    Dance of the earliest times ...

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  • Having a long eyelashes has a lot of perks. Aside from it will make your eyes look more bigger, it also add beauty and make you look more attracitve. You don't need to apply mascara to achieve those long eyelashes or even apply a false eyelashes that will just totally test your patience.

    Don't worry because what this article will ...

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  • Music Of Mindoro

    2 years ago
    Music of Mindoro

    Folk song - is a song transferred from one generation to another without knowing who the composer was. The song contains the different aspects about the people, places, beliefs, values, and their ambitions, or dreams.


    The word Mindoro comes from a word "Mina de Oro" which means the place has lots of gold or rich with gold ...

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  • Indian Painting

    The Vinaya Pitaka (300 B.C) refers to King Pasenada's palace as containing picture galleries. There were also many buildings which were famous for the excellence of the murals, but no trace of these structures can be found.

    The earliest datable Indian painting is a group of Buddhist frescoes (100 B.C) (Fresco painting is done upon freshly ...

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  • Japanese Painting

    The masterpieces of Japanese painting covering a period of twelve hundred years, divided among a complex multiplicity of schools, have been lost in the flow of time, and are nearly all hidden away in private collection in Japan.

    Like their models in China, the Japanese paintings were once made with the same brush that was used in writing ...

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  • Dance as an art is one of the durable strands interwoven into our life as a people to form the fabric of culture. Dance has existed since man came into being. It is through dance movements that people can communicate for it has been a strong factor in the expression of one's soul and identity of character. It is also ...

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  • The origins of Indian civilization go back to about 3000 B.C. This period coincides with the ancient river civilization of Mesopotamia in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley.

    About 3000 B.C there was a flourishing civilation in the Indus Valley with two important centers, Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, two cities in Northwestern India. They were busting commercial cities with broad streets lined ...

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  • With more and more products steeling their claims with the efficacy of natural ingredients, we couldn't resist asking: Do they really work? You will see beauty products advertisements everywhere, from billboards unto TV commercials, and from testimony of a typical lady unto a testimony of a famous star. Company uses the most effective way to market their product. Knowing that ...

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  • Don't call it a cutie pixie. The hottest/coolest haircut of the season may be short, but it's not exactly sweet.

    There are several reasons a woman might hesitate to cut her hair short - chief among them, accidentally being called "sir" and getting locked into the practical-enough-for-a-PTA-meeting look day in, day out.

    That's why before deciding on cutting your hair ...

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