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  • Threats To Brands

    Normally, successful brands are under threat, particularly for competitors. Management complacency or neglect are probably the greatest threats, since an alert management will recognize (or foresee) challenges from competitors and from market and environmental change, and will take appropriate action, as stated by G.Randall (1993).

    In recent years, other threats appeared, especially in consumer markets:

    1 ...

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  • Basically, a brand is different from a product. Brands are normally associated with fast-moving customer goods. But then, brands also exist in services and industrial markets: Philippine Airlines (PAL), British Airways, Japan Airlines and Northwest; IBM, Sony, Panasonic and KODAK.

    There are different types of brands:

    1. Company brands: In the case of many brands, the company name is the ...

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  • Relationship Marketing (RM) and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) work together to establish mutually satisfying long-term loyalty relationships among providers, customers, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders. A key rationale for Relationship Marketing is the idea that it's more profitable to establish relationships with existing customers than to acquire new customers, as evidenced by figures showing how customers, as evidenced by figures ...

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  • Characteristics of the Ocean

    Of course, not all of the earth’s land area is dry. We are all aware that the earth is made up of a greater part of water, particularly the ocean. The oceans occupy 70.8% of the surface area of the earth or that is 360 million square kilometre, leaving less than a third of the ...

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  • Marketing research involves the gathering and analysis of data using scientific methods, to guide managers in their decision-making and control. In the analysis phase, we need to diagnose what is happening in our markets, and we collect information total market volume and value, market shares, buying patterns, etc. to help us.

    The decision-making phase is difficult because we need to ...

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    How is the term psychotic defined?

    The narrowest definition of psychotic based on symptoms is restricted to delusions or prominent hallucinations occuring in the absence of insight into their pathological nature, Broader, the definition includes other positive symptoms of Schizophrenia that is, disorganized or catatonic behavior. Finally, the term has been defined conceptually as a ...

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  • Feeding And Eating Disorders

    9 months, 1 week ago

    Included here are:

    1. Pica. The essential diagnostic feature of this disorder is the persistent eating of nonnutritive substances for a period of at least one month. Infants and younger children may eat animal droppings, sand, insect, leaves or pebbles. Adolescents and adults may consume clay or soil. There is no ...

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    What are sleep disorders?

    This is an umbrella term for any significant departure from the normal sleep-walking cycle.

    Short sleepers lack difficulty falling asleep and without symptoms such as fatigue, intermittent wakefulness, concentration problems or irritability. Jet lag and shift work types are caused by recent transmeridian travel.

    What are the types of sleep Disorders based on presumed ...

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  • How does a warm and nurturant home influence' social and personality development?

    Studies have shown that early social attachment form the basis of close interpersonal relations in adulthood (Bowlby, 1973). Poor mothering, repeated separations of parents from child, marriage break-ups, limited interactions with other children, may disrupt normal development.

    Kathy Malabanan - Siytangco a Filipino parent, has this to say about ...

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  • How do psychologists measure behavior and experience?

    Whatever method pyschologists use they find it necessary to make statements about amounts or quantities and thus can be measured. Measurement relates to the identification of both the qualitative and quantitative. A set of values that goes up or down is called a scale. There are nominal scales, ordinal scales, and interval scales ...

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