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  • Entertaining

    Limited budgets and parental responsibilities restrict the amount of entertaining by young adults. Entertaining relatives is far more common than entertaining friends and neighbors. Even unmarried adults do relatively little entertaining, and what little they do is more often done outside the home.

    Entertainment of friends and neighbors is usually informal. During the summer months, picnics or backyard barbecues ...

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  • Recreational Interests

    The term recreation means an activity that renews strength and refreshes spirits after toil or anxiety. Like play in childhood, it is activity engaged in for enjoyment, with no ulterior purpose to be achieved. It serves the same purpose as play does in the childhood years. However, the recreational interests of adults are different, in most respects, from ...

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  • Personal Hazards Of Middle Age

    11 months, 2 weeks ago
    Personal Hazards of Middle Age

    The major personal and social hazards of middle age stem from the tendency of many men and women to accept the cultural stereotype of the middle-aged person as fat, forty, and balding. Because of a lack of scientific information about middle age, cultural stereotypes and many traditional beliefs have persisted. They can have serious effects ...

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  • Social Hazards

    Social adjustments in middle age are less affected by traditional beliefs and stereotypes than personal adjustments. However, social adjustments are affected to some extent by traditional beliefs such as “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – the new “tricks” being new social skills – or “Once a leader, always a leader.” For example, middle-aged men ...

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  • Assessment of Social Adjustments in Middle Age

    Social adjustments at every age are determined by two factors: first, how adequately people play the social roles that are expected of them and, second, how much personal satisfaction they derive from playing these roles. One of the important developmental tasks of middle age is achieving civic and social responsibility. How successfully middle-aged ...

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  • Recreation

    One of the major developmental tasks of middle age is learning how to use leisure time in a satisfying way. This is an especially difficult task because men and women now have more leisure time than they did in early adulthood and because there is an ever-increasing number of recreational activities open to middle-aged people.

    The recreational interests of ...

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  • Money

    Regardless of how much or how little money they may have, middle-aged men and women are interested in money though the emphasis of their interest may be different. Also, the interest men have in money during middle age is often radically different from that of middle-aged women.

    Unless his wife, children, or relatives make heavy demands on him, the ...

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  • Religion

    Many middle-aged men and women show a greater interest in church and church-related activities than they did when they were younger, though this interest may be for reasons other than religious ones. For example, many middle-aged people, especially women, who have more free time and fewer family responsibilities than they formerly had, find that religious activities fill their needs ...

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  • Family Life Hazard In Old Age

    11 months, 2 weeks ago

    The second almost universal family-life hazard to good adjustment in old age is loneliness. Even when grown children live nearby, the elderly person’s contacts with them may be only occasional, and their companionship far less than was the case when the three-generation household was more usual than it is today.

    One of the most common causes of loneliness in ...

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  • A radical change in the self-concept at any age and for any reason is likely to lead to a breakdown in the personality structure of minor or major severity. Advancing age and its pressures bring an increase in personality breakdowns and in the number of individuals committed to mental institutions.

    In the milder forms, these breakdowns consist of such disorders ...

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