Everybody wants to become rich. Being wealthy is everybody's ultimate dream. To improve their state of living and to live well and enjoy life better. The main reason why people want to be rich is to achieve financial freedom, to be what we want ourselves to be by enjoying our life to the fullest and of course to do whatever our heart's desire.

Actually the road to riches are many. Some people took more than 2 roads to become rich like entering on a show business and marrying a rich guy. But there are also rich people who just took only one road and that is building a successful business that made them a multi bilionare. This article is not like a Robert Kiyosaki's books that will teach you good deeds to be rich like saving money, giving tithes to the church and etc. Becoming rich is not easy. It actually takes a lot of courage, greed and risks to reach your goal. But is it worth it? Well, maybe. The answer is within you. If you are willing to pay the price of your ambition even if it will cost your own dignity and integrity as a person just to reach your own goal. For that reason, this article is for you to know what are the road to riches that you can try to change your life and become wealthy.

1. Start A Successful Business—the richest road!

If you think that starting a business is easy and will immediately make you rich, Well, you're wrong. Building an empire takes a lot of risks, hard work and sacrifices. But if you really want to be rich, this road can be helpful on achieving your dream. Just make sure that the business you are going to establish will be beneficial to huge amount of people. Because that's the secret on building a successful business. The more you serve people, the more you'll earn. For example, facebook, one of the most popular and mostly visited website. It serves millions or billions of users. No wonder that Mark Zuckerburg earns millions or billions of bucks right now. But if your business only serve few count of people, then your earnings will also be few.

2. Become The CEO Of An Existing Firm And Juice It—a very mechanical function.

If you know that entering on a business is not your calling, Who says that being an employee will not make you rich? Honestly, nobody becomes rich on being an employee unless you do bribary and corruption on the company. But if you will become a CEO of an existing firm, a huge door of opportunity will always open on your way. You'll get a lot of perks from the company. Free trip to abroad and etc. And besides, CEO has a high paying salary. You just only need to be smart. as in very smart to do your tasks and to meet the expectation of your big bosses.

3. Turn Celebrity Into Wealth—or wealth into celebrity and then more wealth!

One of the best way to become rich is to become famous. Why? because in the field of Sports and Entertainment, the more popular you are, the more high paying you will be. Business marketing nowadays see more potential using celerities and athletes as an entity to market and advertise their business more effectively. Why? because they are popular! and once their business was paste on any popular celebrity's or athelete's name that are known and idolize by millions of people, a big cash flow will come in. That's one of the reason why Michael Jordan was chosen by Nike to endorse their product included also the family of Kardashian who is famously known because of their reality tv show. Each member of the family is a brand ambassador of any business. Imagine how much Calvin Klein, Chanel and other big businesses are paying Kendall Jenner to promote their product? Well, Kendall Jenner earns at least $300,000.00 for every post she made on her instagram. That's why if you are aiming to become rich by becoming famous, transform yourself now into an online superstar, build a brand and juice cash from businesses that are willing to spend money for the marketing of their business.

4. Marry Well—really, really well.

If your goal becoming a famous and rich celebrity failed. This step might be an option for you. But you just need to be gorgeous and sexy to seduce a rich businessman. Businessmen are very fond of beautiful ladies. There was actually an issue before that rich billionaires attend Victoria Secret pagents. What makes you think that they are there to buy their wives some cute lingerie? Of course not! They are there to hook beautiful models that are willing to get paid for a one night stand. The reason why rich billionaires are fond of beautiful ladies its because that is their other way to surpass other businessmen by showing how gorgeous their partner is. But the drawback of marrying a rich man? Well, you honestly need to maintain your fit body and pretty face because your husband can immediately replace you once they found someone prettier, younger and better.

5. Steal It, Legally—no guns necessary!

Be a politician or lawyer. That is one of the most effective way on stealing money from people without getting in jail. Why? Because of your expertise on the law, you can make things work for and for your own welfare. But think several times if you really want to take this path to riches. Just remember: Politics is always dirty. You don't need to be good at it. You need to be a master of it to outsmart your opponent.

6. Capitalize On Other People's Money (OPM)—where most of the mega-rich are.

Build an insurance company. One person that I recall about this path is Warren Buffet. He bought an insurance company name Berkshire Hathaway. And do you know what he did to the money he gets from the insurance holders? Well, he invest it on stock market. By the time financial crisis came and the stock market was down, he took advantage on the situation and bought some stocks at a very bargain price. Years came after the economy was able to recovered, the value of his stocks are very high right now. The drawback of this kind of strategy to be rich? Well, you just need to be good at investing money because the money you use is not yours and it's from the people. If ever that your investing strategy didn't worked and failed? What are you going to do? The insurance holder will definitely file a case against you for taking away their money.

7. Invent An Endless Future Revenue Stream—even if you're not an inventor!

Hilton and Elon Musk are one of the great example about this step. For you to become rich, what you really need to do is to make your money work for you. And that is creating a business that continuosly generate income. Establishing a hotel or solar energy that is beneficial and needed by almost all people on the world is the key.

8. Go Down The Road More Traveled—save hard, invest well—forever!

Okay, business is not for you, being an inventor is not also for you and even marrying a rich husband is not on your vocabulary. Well, don't lose hope because you can still be rich by following the traditional way and that is to save and maintain a very frugal lifestyle, invest the money that you saved and Voila! after few years no wonder that you will be a millionaire. The drawback of this step? Like what I said maintain a very frugal lifestyle, meaning you have to endure the idea of not spending much on clothes, coffee and other extra expenses that you can actually survive without having those.