I know losing weight is one of your dilemma since you are currently here in this article. Maybe you had searched several articles that you think might helpful for you on losing weight because you really want to show those slim legs and arms for an upcoming event of your life. whether its a formal event or a get together swimming with your friends. Who doesn't want to be a beach bum? Of course nobody. 

Becoming skinny is not easy especially if you just have few months or few weeks left to show those sexy body. But if you are so desperate to lose weight and unfortunately doesn't have time to go to the gym to get rid of those flabby fats, here are the simple tips that you can give a try. But take note, the effect of these tips is just temporary. If you binge after a week of this diet, a big possibility of getting fat again will happen. Remember, In order to get fit, it must be 20% workout and 80% proper diet. When we say diet it doesn't mean that you will deprive yourself to eat anything. Please don't do that because you might get sick and your immune system will go down since the nutrients that your body intake is insufficient.

Cut Those Carbs


If you usually eat rice, you may now start to stop from it. Subtitute it with a low fat biscuit instead or a low calorie cereal. For you to lose weight, you have to burn calories more than you are taking in. So even you are working out but still consuming food with too much calorie, you will not lose weight because you are just taking the calories you burn. That's why there is no progress on your goal to lose weight. 

Eat Fruits And Veggies

Aside that fruits and vegetables will make you more energetic and healthy, it is also the best way to lose weight. As a weight-loss method, eating fruits and vegetables is effective because it is much lower in calories - while high in vitamins and minerals than most of the foods they replace. In fact, eating a bowl of vegie salad and an apple a day can make you feel your stomach full the whole day. For that reason, it will lessen your chance to crave and binge for food. Just make sure that the salad you eat doesn't have much dressings that high in calories. For the substitute of the salad dressing, you can use apple cider instead.

Drink Water! A Lot!

You think you are hungry but it's just thirst. That's why drinking water will eliminate your hunger fangs. In fact. drinking water has a lot of benefits not just to your body but to your mental health also. Drink water every few minutes to flush all the toxins on your body. Aside from that, it will also take up a little room in your stomach, which will help you feel satisfied even if you eat less. If you don't want to drink the whole glass before a meal, try taking sips between each bite. Just be aware that it will cause you to pee a lot.

Eat Spices

Spices can boost your metabolism that's why it is one of the essential way to lose weight. It contains Capsaicin a source from which hot peppers get there heat. Studies have shown that a spicy meal, such as a bowl of chili, can provide a temporary rise in metabolism of about 8% greater than a person’s typical metabolic rate. This amount is considered rather negligible and similar studies have reported the same results with people eating black pepper and ginger as well. Though you would have to eat a lot of capsaicin to have an overall effect on your weight, this temporary boost in metabolic rate may also help to suppress your desire to eat.

Cut the sugar

Oh common! We know that cutting on sugar is really difficult. Sweets are the foods that totally difficult to resist. But if you really want to lose weight as early as possible, cutting on sugar is the hint. Why? because foods that has high content of sugar is equivalent to high content of calories. That's why most fat people always complain by saying "I just eat a piece of cookie, Why am I still fat?" The thing is, the culprit is not the cookie, but the amount of cookies your body in take. It's okay to eat small portion of sweets. But as far as everybody know, it's impossible to be satisfied by eating a small portion of that delicious food. Admit it! That's why once you ate a cookie, you can't resist to ask for more. That's why cutting on sugar is one of the best solution to drop weights easily. You can avoid taking sweets by not putting sugar on your tea or coffee and just intake a lot of water.