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  • Appraisal of Vocational Adjustment

    How successfully young adults adjust to their chosen vocations can be judged by three criteria: their achievements on the job, the amount of voluntary “job-hopping” or changing jobs they do and the degree of satisfaction they and their families derive from their work and the socioeconomic status associated with it. Because of their importance, each of ...

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  • Adjustment to Work

    The third major adjustment is to the job that has been selected. When adults have made a vocational selection, they must adjust to the work itself, to the hours of the work day or work week, to their co-workers and superiors, to the environment in which the work is done, and to the restrictions the work imposes ...

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  • Definition and Nature of Politics and Government

    Aside from his rational and social nature, man is said to be a political being. As a political being, he engages in the politics of life and whether we like it or not, politics will always be a part of our lives. It is something we cannot do without. For as long as ...

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  • Structure and Governance of the Philippine Educational System

    The Philippine educational system is an organized bureaucracy which provides formal and non-formal education. The three academic levels of formal schooling are the elementary or primary, secondary and tertiary.

    The first level, elementary education, involves compulsory six grades in public schools and seven grades in some private schools, in addition to optional ...

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  • Education in the Philippines has undergone several stages of developments from the pre-Spanish times to the present. In meeting the needs of the society, education serves as focus of emphases/priorities of the leadership at certain periods/epochs in our national struggle as a race.

    As early as in pre-Magellanic times, education was informal, unstructured, and devoid of methods. Children ...

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  • In the widest sense, education may be held to include the whole process of development through which a human being passes from infancy to maturity, gradually adapting himself to his physical and social environment; but the more definite sense in which the term is ordinarily employed is restricted to those influences which are designedly brought to bear upon the younger ...

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  • Functions of Education

    Education performs both manifest and latent functions for the individual and the society.

    1. Manifest Functions

    These refer to the explicit, expected, intended or predetermined activities, goals or purposes of formal education. These goals may be accomplished through deliberate action and indirectly through the associations and role models presented to the learners. These are manifested in the ...

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  • Human relationships, social systems and societies are so broad that they can be dealt with from different angles and perspectives. Though various social science disciplines share many common subject matters, they differ from one another in their emphasis and mode of analysis.

    How is sociology related to the other social sciences?

    The answer to this question is given hereunder.

    1. Sociology ...

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  • Many Factors Influence Happiness

    At every period in the life span, happiness is influenced by a number of factors. This is in part responsible for the variation in happiness at different ages and also for the fact, discussed above, that happiness at one age does not necessarily guarantee happiness at other ages. The most common and important of the factors ...

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  • Since you are in this article, I know that you are planning to pass a resignation letter on a company you're working for and looking for a resignation letter format to work to.

    Passing a Resignation Letter is a hard thing to do. That's why you need to think wisely and make sure on your decision before submitting it. Imagine ...

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