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  • 1. Policy

    Pricing policy of a company is a strategic decision, one that has long-term implications, should be made with the great care, and cannot be changed easily. It is part of an-overall positioning strategy.

    2. Pricing opportunities

    If a company’s policy is fixed, then, by its history and market situation, major alteration to strategy will be few. Opportunities will ...

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  • Many companies today outsource some of their operations to an outside service provider, sometimes called a third party. In the next section, we will look at how outsourcing can simplify the management of ERP systems.

    Application Service Providers

    An application service provider (ASP) is a company that provides management of applications for a company over a network. Usually that network ...

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  • Pricing should be seen from the point of view of the customers, consumers and competitors. Customers and consumers are looking for the value of their money, so marketing must work hard on how they perceive the price of the product/ brand; what they must offer is value which is perceived as better than their competitors:

    Price must also be seen ...

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  • Marketing research involves the gathering and analysis of data using scientific methods, to guide managers in their decision-making and control. In the analysis phase, we need to diagnose what is happening in our markets, and we collect information total market volume and value, market shares, buying patterns, etc. to help us.

    The decision-making phase is difficult because we need to ...

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  • Ultimate power is the ability to produce the results you desire most and create value for others in the process. Power is the ability to change your life, to shape your perceptions, to make things work for you and not against you. Real power is shared, not imposed. It's the ability to define human needs and to fulfill them - both ...

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  • One way to get yourself into a state that supports your achieving any outcome is to act "as if" you were already there. Acting "as if" is most effective when you put your physiology in the state you'd be in if you were already effective.

    Physiology is the most powerful tool we have for instantly changing states, for instantly producing ...

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  • "The mind is its own place, and in it self Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n"

    -John Molton

    The world we live in is the world we choose to live in, whether consciously or unconsciously. If we choose bliss, that's what we get. If we choose misery, we get that, too. As we learned in the ...

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  • People differ widely in intelligence, knowledge, and skills. What a person can do now and what he or she can do later if given appropriate training may also differ. This training has a measurable influence on our behavior. Thus, the practical applications of using tests are widespread.

    How do aptitude tests differ from a achievement tests?

    The distinction between a ...

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  • Human Motivation And Emotion

    10 months, 3 weeks ago

    An infant's early behavior is largely determined by basic biological needs, but as the child grows, new motives appear that are learned by interacting with other people. They are called psychological motives to distinguish them from motives based on physiological needs, Security, acceptance, approval, feelings of self-worth, and competency are important psychological motives.

    How does Abraham Maslow classify human motives ...

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  • There are several formats on making a resume. But the thing is, it's almost a month that you are applying for a job and yet getting hired has become your dilemma. Maybe you are flooding your employer with so much information about you that is not necessary and totally won't contribute on marketing yourself to get the job of your ...

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