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  • Money

    Regardless of how much or how little money they may have, middle-aged men and women are interested in money though the emphasis of their interest may be different. Also, the interest men have in money during middle age is often radically different from that of middle-aged women.

    Unless his wife, children, or relatives make heavy demands on him, the ...

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  • Financial Adjustments

    The third major adjustment problem in marriage is financial. Money or lack of it has a profound influence on adult’s adjustments to marriage. Today, as a result of premarital experience in the business world, many wives resent not having control of the money needed to run a home, and they find it difficult to adjust to living on ...

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  • Appraisal of Vocational Adjustment

    How successfully young adults adjust to their chosen vocations can be judged by three criteria: their achievements on the job, the amount of voluntary “job-hopping” or changing jobs they do and the degree of satisfaction they and their families derive from their work and the socioeconomic status associated with it. Because of their importance, each of ...

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  • Adjustment to Work

    The third major adjustment is to the job that has been selected. When adults have made a vocational selection, they must adjust to the work itself, to the hours of the work day or work week, to their co-workers and superiors, to the environment in which the work is done, and to the restrictions the work imposes ...

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  • Social Mobility In Early Adulthood

    11 months, 3 weeks ago
    Social Mobility in Early Adulthood

    There are two types of mobility that play important roles in the lives of young adults, geographic and social. Geographic mobility means going from one place to another. This is done more often for vocational than for social reasons. How it affects young adults will be explained in the following chapter in the discussion of ...

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  • Criticisms Against / Negative Effects of Globalization

    Many criticisms against and negative effects of globalization have been pointed out by a number of anti-globalization groups and social movements such as national liberation factions, church groups, left-wing parties, environmentalists, public interest activists, peasant unionist, anti-racism groups, reformists, reactionary and revolutionary groups. The anti-globalization proponents have advanced the following criticisms against the negative ...

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  • Historical Precedents of Globalization (Internet, 2000)

    The first steps towards globalization were taken in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Portuguese and Spanish Empires reached to all corners of the world. Globalization became a business phenomenon in the 17th century when the first multinational was founded in the Netherlands. During the Dutch Golden Age ...

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  • The Corporation

    The giant capitalist corporation arose due to the need for economic organizations that would produce sophisticated goods, equipments, and services in enormous quantities and on an unprecedented scale. A “corporation” is an organization created by law that has an ongoing existence and powers and liabilities that are distinct from those of its owners and employees. For example, if ...

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  • Nature and Definition of the Economy

    From the first appearance of man on the planet, his first and foremost concern is his survival. His activities are primarily centered on the satisfaction of his economic needs, such as food, water, clothing and shelter. The first inhabitants of the planet were hunters or foragers, food gatherers and fishers. They were called nomads ...

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  • The Philippine Economy and Its Contemporary Problems and Issues

    The Philippines, like many nations of the world, is a mixed economy. While it manifests capitalist market economy in its cities and more advanced municipalities and a command economy most especially in its major industries like energy and transport, the agricultural and subsistence economy persist among its barrio folks and indigenous ...

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