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  • All manufacturers need to distribute their products, and most use intermediaries. The number of tasks to be carried out by the channels of distributions is large, and in different industries these may be split in various ways between different channels/ members. Every channel member should be understood as an individual business with its own objectives and strategy, but working in ...

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  • Energy Forms And Changes

    6 years, 5 months ago
    Nature Of Energy

    Energy is simply defined as the ability or capacity to do work. Without energy, we could not be able to do anything. Our body’s cells need energy to work. We know very well that the ultimate source of energy is the sun. But the energy coming from the sun is utilized to make so many new things ...

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  • Radio frequency identification technology, known commonly as RFID, is becoming an efficient way of tracking items through a supply chain. An RFID device is a small package, or tag, that includes a microprocessor and an antenna, and can be attached to products. The location of an item with an RFID tag can be determined using an RFID reader, which emits ...

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  • Work, Power And Simple Machines

    6 years, 6 months ago

    The word work is a common term in our everyday living. When people say they go to work, or say they have lots of work to do. But in science, the term work has a special meaning. Work is done only when a force moves an object like when you push, lift or throw an object. Work is an ...

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  • Many companies today outsource some of their operations to an outside service provider, sometimes called a third party. In the next section, we will look at how outsourcing can simplify the management of ERP systems.

    Application Service Providers

    An application service provider (ASP) is a company that provides management of applications for a company over a network. Usually that network ...

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  • PHYSICS is the branch of science that deals with the basic laws of nature. It deals with the study of matter and energy and their relationship. As in all branches of science, the first step in the study of physics is observation. This is what early scientists did. Observe the nature around them. Like for example, the motion of the ...

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  • Characteristics of the Ocean

    Of course, not all of the earth’s land area is dry. We are all aware that the earth is made up of a greater part of water, particularly the ocean. The oceans occupy 70.8% of the surface area of the earth or that is 360 million square kilometre, leaving less than a third of the ...

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  • Most Internet marketing activity relating to strategic marketing planning objectives and activities is implemented on company/brand, information, selling and service sites. These sites form the context for a discussion of how a Company used the Internet to penetrate the global marketplace.

    1. Company/ Brand Sites

    These sites are directly informational, and indirectly promotional. For example, the Pepsi-Cola website of ...

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  • How Does A Telephone Work

    6 years, 9 months ago

    The telephone was created through the cross-pollination of two fileds of study - electricity and acoustics. The telephone operates on simple principles. A telephone mouthpiece contains a thin metallic coating separated from an electrode by a thin barrier (today we use plastic), which connects to a wire carrying an electric current. When a person speaks into the mouthpiece, the acoustic vibrations ...

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  • How To Shop Online Hassle-Free

    6 years, 10 months ago

    Personal computers have become standard appliances in many homes today because of their usefulness and time saving features. They are now instruments of advertisement, trade and commerce. Yes, shopping via cyberspace.

    With a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse you can shop at home using your computer as the medium. Sounds great, right? No traffic. No parking problems ...

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