Online selling became so trending nowadays. Especially when facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, google+ and other social media conquer the world wide web. People became more vain and concious about everything. From what the clothes they wear unto what kind of food they eat. Posting on social media about the fabulous and luxurious things they have became their priority and part of their everyday living. But what's the reason behind for posting those expensive clothes from Forever21? and taking a selfie with a Starbucks coffee? Is it just for bragging to your friends or followers of how fabulous your life is? or somehow, those expensive stuffs that you post online serves as a status. A status, that you can afford to waste money. Despite of those reasons, business minded people find it as an opportunity to market their product without too much cost.

For that reason, this article will help to make an ordinary item become classy and have status through taking better photographs. If you sell online, better pictures of your product is the key to gain more customers that will surely love your product. Who knows? Maybe one day, the item you sell online became as popular as Starbucks and Forever21. That vain people won’t hesitate to brag and post it online. And it's much better because that will be a great marketing strategy without any cost.

The fact is, the concept is easy. It's all about making your product look more appealing and creative in pictures, whether it is a shoe or a pizza.

So here we go.

1. Focus On The Attractive Details

Every product has each different design. Whether it’s a typical design or an authentic design, netizens will much appreciate your product if you let them see through photograph the most unique part of the item.

Who would have thought that this ring is expensive? People who's going to see this photograph will assume that the price of this ring is a million dollars. Why? because the focal point of the image, which is the diamonds and emerald stones were highlighted. and with regards to business promotion, it really matters that you give emphasis on what is great on your product whether it is a food or jewelry, a new flavor or new design and etc.

2. Keep The Background Simple

Since given the fact that this kitten is so cute, it deserves a simple background to focus the attention of the viewer on its important details like its fur, eyes and fluffy appearance.

Putting a colourful item on a colourful background is totally a big NO. It will ruin the photograph. Remember that the purpose of taking those pictures is to make the viewer buy your item and put profit on your pocket and not to distract their sight. 

3. Make The Background Colorful

So here’s the rule, If the item is colorful, put it in a simple background. But if the item is simple as dull, put it in a lively and colourful background.

As you notice, the cool and creative background design made the trees more appealing and dramatic.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Zoom In

People love to see things closer. Things that shines and give mystery. That’s why items like diamond ring, gemstone and etc. should take a shot closer.

Imagine taking a closer look at a diamond ring. I guarantee that it will amaze you and may take your breath away seeing a brilliant stone closer. Its glow is like a dream that turn into a reality. Same as products like contact lenses, cosmetic make ups and etc. 

5. Put The Item On Creative Spot

To make your product eye catching, you must put it in a location in which it will be remarkable. Try to hire some photographers that can take a picture of your products and will do a creative shots on it. Once your product become eye catching, it will gain a lot of traffic on social media and you will got a chance to gain more profit.

6. Consider Different Angle

As I notice on other online shop I visited before, they have something in common. It’s the typical angle they use of taking picture of their product and that is the ‘top view’. To be honest, I actually don’t like that because it doesn’t show any effort and art on the picture. How could I buy that product if even in picture it sucks and doesn’t look appealing?  In my opinion, trying to look at different angles of an item will totally give you an idea to look for the best angle to shoot. You could try ‘worm’s eye view’ to look the item much bigger or ‘bird’s eye view’ to see everything on top of an item.

Since you are done reading all the tips you need to know, you can now apply it on your business. Who knows? Maybe your product will be more popular and give you more income.