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You're Getting Bored

Getting bored sometimes in your job is a usual thing to happen. Everyone of us have already or might experience boredom in our jobs from time to time. Either because the last project you were in was already finished and for the time being everything is moving at a slow pace or every task assigned to you for last couple of days were easy. Regardless of the reason why you are getting bored in your job today if it will only be temporary then don't just jump to conclusions that you need to find a new job. However if you have been bored for the couple of months then I think that's a sign that you aren't really now fit to what you are doing. There are several things you can do in this situation, tell your boss you want to get a new set of task, ask for a promotion so you will be exposed in to new roles or search for a job that you think will interest you. Of course don't just get that new job make sure that you will also be compensated well.

Unprofessional Coworkers

It can either be a group of coworkers or just one but one that you will be constantly communicating with. Either part of your team or you getting finished on your tasked is 50% based on them getting done theirs. Don't just give up yet there are ways to handle unprofessional and annoying coworkers. If these annoying coworkers of yours are dragging you down and you're not able to work at your full potential then that is really a screaming sign that your job is not really working out.


Being stressful because of a job is a usual thing but if it gets to a point where you are stressed out for the past couple of months. Then maybe you need to rethink if enduring that stress is worth it. There are ways you can combat stress but if just the thought of getting into the office is already stressing you out then it's not already working out for you.

Compensation Vs Workload

Almost all of us doesn't seem to realize that sometimes we are working well over what we are compensated for. It's okay if it's just a rare occurance but if you are already doing tasks or have responsibility that you don't remember being in your job description. Then we can say it's time to ask for a salary increase. Don't just barge into your boss office and ask him upfront of an increase. Time is on your side since you still haven't ask for one yet so make sure you make a strong case before talking to your boss. Research how much the people in your city/country is getting for the tasks and responsibility that were assigned to you. There are website like payscale.com where you can check if you are being compensated for the work you are doing. There is this thinking that asking for a salary is kind of being greedy. I'll tell you otherwise, it's not being greedy - you are giving a service in return for currency. Aside from service you are bartering the most important thing in our life which is time and life energy.

Stuck In A Position For Years

If you are reading this article then I assume you want to be succesful in life. I'm saying this because some wants to stay in a position as long as they can stay there. It's common for these people to think that they can't or unable to climb the corporate ladder. So if you're reading this then we're both pretty sure that you have the confidence and skills that makes you think you are able to climb that corporate ladder. First take a look if there are really higher positions that you can fill in. If there aren't or you haven't seen one in the years you are in the company then maybe it's time to look for a new job where you can grow. If there are then make sure you are doing the right things to snag that promotion.