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  • There are several formats on making a resume. But the thing is, it's almost a month that you are applying for a job and yet getting hired has become your dilemma. Maybe you are flooding your employer with so much information about you that is not necessary and totally won't contribute on marketing yourself to get the job of your ...

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  • Securing Favorable Attention

    Suppose that you succeed in securing an interview. What will you do? The first thing you should attempt is the same thing a salesman should attempt in a sales interview, namely, to secure favorable attention. You cannot be too careful of your personal appearance when you are applying for a position. Unpressed clothing, unpolished shoes, dirty fingernails ...

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  • 5 Signs That Your Job Is Not Working

    7 years, 11 months ago

    You're Getting Bored

    Getting bored sometimes in your job is a usual thing to happen. Everyone of us have already or might experience boredom in our jobs from time to time. Either because the last project you were in was already finished and for the time being everything is moving at a slow pace or every task assigned to you ...

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