I know the word Loser is definitely annoying. It is such a heart ache when someone calls you that and same thing if you call other people like that. But the question is "Is it true that you are a Loser?" You won't get mad if it's not true. But I know that the fact that someone ask you that question makes you think and wonder whether you are a loser or not. I know in your mind you will say. "Am I a loser? Of course not! I have everything in life that every people wants to attain! I have a great job!, I'm smart, I'm good looking and I even have millions of money on my bank account! So how dare you asking me if I'm a loser? God! you gotta be kidding me!" 

To be honest, even though you have everything in life that each and every people wish to have. You can still arguably be considered a loser if your attitude is a pain in the ass. And that attitude is a hindrance for success that's why you immediately need to cut it as soon as possible. For that reason, these are the list of habits that unsuccessful people has. Who knows, you might have some of this habits. That's why better check it out for you to know.     

1. Give Up Easily

People who give up easily are definitely the people who don't succeed. That's why we have a famous saying: "Try and try until you die, and if you die, atleast you try". Everyone of us have no idea when is the perfect time of our success, in other words, our turning point. So it's ridiculuos that people keep on wishing to have a big break in their life, that someday a big opportunity will come and will definitely make a huge change in their lives but how it will suppose to happen if you give up easily?. 

2. Fear Change

Think of people in the streets like beggars. Everyday they receive money from people who donates few amounts to them. They could find a better life if they just want to and be willing to strive for it. So the question is what stops them? It is fear, fear of trying because of  fear of failing. It is the very thing that stop people from succeeding in life. Everybody have it but everyone of us reacts to it differently. We either embrace it or fight it. And because of fear, they are stuck on their routine because they are afraid of change. They are afraid of change because they are afraid to face the consequences of what they will do. That's why they are contented on the usual routine of their lives and that is not good because it is basically settling for less.

3. Act Before They Think

Of course if you want to become successful in life. You have to realize that success doesn't just depend on your skills and wit but sometimes on other people's hand too. Your decision will not just have an impact on your life but on other's people lives also. And that's the thing that some unsuccessful people don't realize because they act before they think. They are impulsive on their action without thinking it first for several times.

4. Think They Know It All

I know a lot of people like these nowadays. We encounter these kind of people not just on work but also on our daily lives. Actually even the strangers we met. They are unsuccessful because they don't accept idea and opinion from other people thinking that they are right, know everything and listening to other people's ideas or opinion are just a waste of time. If you are this kind of person, better have a second thought if you will still continue this kind of attitude because it will just lead you to misfortune. Why? because people will find you annoying and nobody will want to work or be with you because you are arrogant and literally a pain in the ass.

5. Try To Bring Others Down To Their Level

People who always put other down definitely don't succeed. Why? because their heart's intention is full of insecurities and arrogance. And if you are this kind of person, there is definitely no room for you for success because for always, we will meet people who are greater than ourselves and me must accept that. And if your attitude is keep on bringing down other people, you will always be on trouble and your life will be a living mess.

6. Stop Learning

Learning is the most important thing for growing. If you are afraid of learning or hate learning, there is no room for you for improvement. And without improvement, there is no success. Think of other people who are rich and successful, what do they have in common? On my observation, it is their hunger on learning. Aside from being hard working, they took everyday as a new opportunity for learning and that's why they are passionate on everything they do. And that leads them to success.

7. Waste Their Time

So what is wasting time? It is spending your time and life energy unproductively. Like watching TV instead of studying and facebooking and instagramming instead of reading some informative articles in www.imbalife.com. Unsuccessful people love wasting their time by minding other's people backyard. They don't value their time like precious gold and gems and keep on doing unnecessary things that will not benefit them in the future. 

8. Talk More Than They Listen

People who are unsuccessful love talking more than listening. It's okay to talk but not listening and giving someone the floor to talk is not a good thing. It's being selfish and always want the center of attention. Giving other's people chance to express their ideas will be great and helpful for the benefit of both sides. For the reason that you don't know everything and you might need those people that's why they will be a great help for you.

9. Blame Others

A smart and responsible person takes action and consequences on what he/she has done whether it's a good or a bad outcome. Why? because putting the blame on someone will not make you a good person. It will just reflect your cowardness. It's a hindrance for success because if you are coward, you can't take responsibility. And if you can't take responsibility, you have no credibility to people. 

10. Think, Say & Do Negative Things

Do you know someone who's mindset is always negative? How do you feel being around with this kind of person? It's Exhausting! It seems that all the energy that you have were shrinked. To be honest, this is the attitude that I hated most on someone. Why? because who would love a pessimist person who think, say and act negatively? Being around with this kind of person is not just exhausting but also frustrating. And people with this kind of attitude will not succeed. 

11. Never Set Goals

Setting goals is important but people who are unsuccessful or loser (sorry for the word) mostly don't set goals. They just do what they want and once they don't want it anymore, they jump to other thing and do the same thing and the cycle goes on. Therefore, they obviously don't accomplish anything. Why? because they don't set goals. That's why if you really want to succeed in life, Just keep on setting goals. But what if those goals are not close to reality? or maybe impossible to happen. It doesn't matter. What matters is you know what you want, you plan the steps for you to get what you want, you will work hard to get it and that's how you will get it. Some goals are just similar. But the way on how we will set it and implement the strategy makes us different.  

12. Take The Easy Way Out

So you love short cut? If the answer is yes. Well I'm telling you that it is a hindrance for success. Because there is no easy way out for success. It doesn't happen overnight. It's funny how people search online how to become rich easily, how to lose weight easily, how to get a boyfriend/girlfriend easily blah blah blah without knowing that those things will not just happen by just a blink of an eye. it requires discipline, hardwork and determination.