Many girls are having a hard time finding out what is ought to do to be an ideal girl for the one they keep an eye on. Some are willing to do exceptional stuffs just to be noticed by the guy they actually want to have. So we need to cut off the so-called word “being desperate” by these unique ways to be a benchmark.

So what are those? Are you ready?

1. Simplicity Is Beauty

The first thing that most of the guys really want for their girl is to be simple yet enchanted. There are many ways to be simple yet gorgeous at the same time.  so no need to worry. For example, try to apply some simple beauty enhancer that will not overdue your entire face. Just apply a lipstick with a light color to make it appear luscious and kissable. Aside from that, a little touch of blush-on and a very light art in your eyes will accentuate your beauty also.

For the clothes, try to wear simple dresses that will surely expose your feminine side but not your bare skin. Take note that for you to become attractive, you must always project mystery that’s why too much revealing clothes is a big NO NO!. Just maintain being fashionable but with a little touch of being conservative.

The important part here is he must see you beautiful in every single way. In this generation, you are very outdated if you do not know how to enhance your beauty so better live your life to the fullest by not being afraid to try something you never did. It’s just a make-up and a dress anyway. You make yourself beautiful, plus, you get his attention at the same time ! So it’s a win-win!

2. Wear Your Invisible Crown

Second is to be confident. Being a confident woman is every guy will ask to have. They will literally drop their jaw if you walk past them with a magnificent poise with a delightful smile. It just means that you can carry yourself in every possible way; it’s a turn on darling. When you’re confident, your man can admire you, rely on you, and can trust you in some things because they know that you can do whatever it is, because you really believe in yourself.

To be honest, it is very difficult to be with someone who has a very low self-esteem, but as the golden rule says “Love me for who I am” but time will come that they will be tired of giving advises. He will be tired pushing you in every downfall. He will be tired motivating or encouraging you because there’s always be a point that you yourself, don’t have any trust on what you can do and what are the things you are capable of. I’m telling you this because I want you to believe on yourself even when the whole world cannot and will not. It is a very powerful weapon against different circumstances. Always bear it in your mind, “Act like you’re wearing an invisible crown”.

3. Optimist Dreamer

Third is a dreamer, an optimist dreamer. Why do you think I include this? Apparently, a dreamer is the same as being ambitious. But.. there’s a big but, because an optimist dreamer is a very positive word. People nowadays misinterpret the word ambitious because they tend to perceive that those ambitious one are the one who cannot be contented of what they have and will do everything to get what they want even hurting the one they love will be the consequence. Then, they are wrong. Every guy wants a girl who is not afraid to dream, not afraid to set new goals and not afraid to wish upon the star. When you’re not afraid, it shows how big your guts are. Not only man can have a big guts, woman too. Being a dreamer is not as easy as you can see it. It is challenging, it is a battlefield, and it is full of hardship but it’s worth the risk. Your man can be your number one fan when it comes to this, especially when he can see how much you dream and strive hard for your career and achievements. How much you struggle for success. As Usopp said in the well-known anime/manga name ‘One Piece’, “Don’t let the fire of your ambitions burn out”. So don’t let it be.

4. Open-Minded

Open-minded girls are very lucky to have. They are the ones who will not question every details about what the guy did. They understand things the way it should be. This is the reason why most of the guy are finding a girl who is open-minded, who has a wide variety but precise thoughts, who has a very deep understanding on the things that very hard to understand. And you know what it is? BOYS. Boys are really difficult to understand, they are perplexing, unfathomable. So in that case, they are in need to have someone that can understand them aside from their mother. Maybe it’s time to be noticed by your guy, try to understand him. Try to go beyond what your eyes could see. Don’t lock your thoughts in nothingness, always unlock new ideas that could be way for better understanding. Don’t be a shallow and a nagging one. Nagging is a terrible disease darling so get over it.

5. Be A Supportive Partner

Supportive means being at their back most of the time as a friend or a special someone. It means so much to them, I’m telling you. Because life is sometimes painful and messed up. It gets more complicated. So we, girls, need to push them to their limits. I know girls are very optimistic right? In fact, they tend to search for positivity in the midst of unfortunate events.

To be supportive, never ever compare him to any other guy when it comes to achievements or success. It is a red flag. So instead of comparing him, why don’t you to try to support him abundantly as much as you can. Being supportive is an asset, so keep it up. Exercise this behavior not only to him but to everyone. Support your friends, family, other families and other friends for him to see that you are naturally like that. But remember that you are doing this not only for his sake but because that is you really are. A person who has a special powers to encourage and motivate people to succeed.

6. Patience Is the Companion Of Wisdom

They said patience is a virtue but for me patience is an innate talent. According to a dictionary patience means the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. So, it talks about attitude while waiting. Why do you think guys want a patient girl? I know exactly why. Because there are things that guy can’t give you something you want at the exact time. Maybe he’s still working hard for that to give it to you. Nobody’s perfect so there will be instances that you need to be patient on the things you want to have in life.

Another one, what if the guy you want can’t confess as soon as you want it? Something like that… So being a Maria Clara, you need to be patiently waiting for that one rather than settling for less. In real life situation people actually looking or finding or chasing for the right one without knowing that the guy next to you could be your right one. Just be patient. Everything has its own timing.

7. Lovable

The last one to be a benchmark is of course be a loving one. How can a man fall in love to someone who doesn’t even know how to love or cannot express love? To love and to be love is the epitome of happiness. Expressing love comes in different forms so better choose an effective one. Effective enough to feel them what they need to be felt. Some love comes from two persons got to bump to each other accidentally, some comes from having each other as a friend for good times and in bad times and some comes from doing sacrifices. Love costs too much but it’s always worth it. To be an ideal girl for someone is not that easy, especially when we talk about love. People have their own love language that’s why some can’t understand each other but there are many ways to simply express it. By a simple greetings with sincerity, a delightful smile that comes from the heart, a simple holding hands when it needed to, or speak the word in times when silence rules everything in some else’s world. You just have to be there, looking at each other’s eye, telling them they are not alone, convincing him that he has you in his life.

Love is when you laugh at his jokes. Love is when you do things you didn’t know you can do for him to be happy. Love is watching movie together with popcorn on the side in the middle of the night. Love is thinking about him before you go to sleep. Love is not perfect, neither the both of you because … it is tragically beautiful.

See! It is very easy to be an ideal girl, and I believe that you can do it. Ooops, I just forgot to add this:
To be an ideal girl you should know how to pick a guy who’s very deserving to be with you. Come on, you are too good to be with someone who isn’t worthy to be with you. Have a good choice.