Every once in a while in our career we get to encounter an annoying coworker. It's a good thing if we only needs to talk to them once but sometimes luck is not on our side and we are lump with them in a same team. These obnoxious coworkers doesn't just makes our blood boils before we can even get a coffee from the pantry's coffee maker. They sometimes even makes us feels its too difficult to get ourselves come to work because of their ranting about how their current job is not suitable for their expertise. Some brings their personal problems to the office and keeps complaining(telling?) how miserable their life's are without you even asking them about it in the first place. Well not all of them are complainer, some of them, only browse the internet all day instead of working on their tasks. What more is that they seem to be proud of being able to slack off all day by trying to chat with you of how they saw this funny picture in the internet. What makes it more annoying is that boths of you knows that you have a tasks that needs to be finished by the end of the day but still they try to chat you out into not working on it.

Here are some tips to survive the day with an annoying coworker. A coworker that doesn't seem to realize that you are both in the office to work and not waste both of your time by chatting with things not related to work or browsing the internet with senseless things.

Stretch Out That Patience

Yes, I know this can be a hard thing to do. Specially if you have been with them for more than a month already. In which at this point I'm not even surprised if you are already looking for a new job. Hoping that in that new place there would be no annoying guys anymore. Well I can understand how you are feeling but you should hold on that thought for now. Why not try to be more patient with these guys. Maybe they are just in the dumps for these past weeks and soon they will be able to recover from it. 

Give Hints That You Don't Like What They Are Doing

I guess you thought that entertaining them on the first time they chat you out was a way for you to make a great impression to them. Well who would have known that they will be keeping you unable to work everyday with their laziness to work in the first place. So one thing you can do is give them hints that you don't like what they are doing and should concentrate their efforts instead on their tasks. You can do this by trying to divert the conversation back into work when you feel that it's taking a turn for their story of how their neighbor was angry that their pet dog was barking the whole day because they forgot to leave food for their lovely pet. Once they start chatting you with senseless things tell them that you are still busy working on your tasks and they should also be. Of course tell them in a soft way that they won't go full psycho about it.

Report Them To HR

If these obnoxious coworker still doesn't get it. Then I guess it's time to get help from the right people in the office. I find this thing to be your last resort because most of them will already stop making your work days hard by giving them hints to stop. Other from that, these guys will most likely take it too hard if you get help from the higher ups or from the HR. If they really take it too hard then it will most likely these will scalate too quickly and will end up with them getting fired. Since after you report them they might not even cooperate with you even if its about work because if they are the complainer type then they don't really know the border between their personal lifes and being professional. Well we can't really do much if they do get fired being an obnoxious coworker in the office. What we can do is just hope that they will learn from these experience.