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Ever wonder why despite of all the over time at work and accomplishing all the tasks you have for the quarter, it is still hard for you to get promoted? The reason is you don't work smart, you work hard. And in the field of climbing the corporate ladder, skills and hardwork are not enough. These are the common factors why you don't get promoted.


1. You Can't Go Up If You Are In The Escalator That's Going Down.

I look at career as like climbing an object, whether it is a ladder, a stair or an escalator. In which everyone of us after graduation enters in a company and got an entry level position. And since you are a man or woman of ambition, you won't let to happen that after several years of working you are still on that desk working on that position. That's why you strive so hard climbing the corporate ladder without knowing if there is truly progress on what you're doing. The thing is, you can't go up if you are in the escalator that's going down. And what's the escalator? the escalator is the company you are working for. You can't go on top if the company you are working for doesn't provide better benefits and compensation and most of all, has no room for career growth. 

For that reason,  admit the fact that you crave for a higher position. Study the company that you are working for if there is a room for career growth and if it's still worth it staying there. If not, leave that company and just only stay there for a work experience. But if you already found your dream company and currently working there, Don't hesitate to ask if there is a vacant position and what are the qualifications to the job position you are dreaming of. Who knows? Maybe you will be on that position soon. Just like what is on the famous saying "No guts, No glory".

2. Your Boss Doesn't Like You

If you feel that your boss doesn't like you, there may be possible reasons. It's either you are a constant failure and disappointment on your outputs or you show a bad attitude at work. Establishing a good relationship with your boss is a must. It doesn't mean that you need to totally please him/her just to become likable. Believe it or not, bosses don't like Sipsip (Seeking Instant Promotion) because what they're looking for is an employee that will serve as an asset to the company. Meaning, someone who gives benefit and generate income or profit to the company and not just doing tweetums at work. Therefore, in order for you to be like by your boss, you need to impress him/her by how good you are at work. If there is an opportunity that your boss ask you for help like giving a suggestion or solution to a problem they currently encountering, don't hesitate to answer everything you know. I guarantee that sooner or later, your boss will easily determine your skills and who knows? Hire you for a promotion. Let me give you an example, Jaime (not his real name) was a junior programmer before. Suddenly, his boss approached him and ask him about what solution he can suggest for a problem that their client in Singapore is currently encountering for the reason that the database of the application they're using always crashed. Jaime answered his boss everything he know and  what solution he think that can solve the problem. And after that, problem solved. Jaime saved the company. His boss was impressed by him and after few months, he was promoted as a senior programmer. and believe it or not, after few months again, he was promoted as a supervisor.

3. You Are An Arrogant, Selfish And Lazy Employee

You don't give value to your work. You just stay at work for money. Though we all know that the reason we work is to earn money, it doesn't mean that you already have the license to not give value or quality on your output. Remember that the company hired and pay you to work and give them desirable outputs and not trash. Your work is a reflection of yourself. And if at the first place you don't give value on your work, don't expect for a promotion. Because even if you are the boss, I guarantee that you won't hire an arrogant selfish and lazy employee.

4. You Are Not Yet Ready For The Crown

To be honest, one factor that your boss must consider before giving you the crown of promotion is your readiness at work. It means that your boss is observing first not just your skills for the job position upgrade but also your behavior if you can truly command and handle people well. Take note: Even if you have a good relationship with your co-worker and yet you are lack of the skills needed for the upgrade job position, I could honestly say that you won't get promoted. Same thing if you are skillful and yet nobody wants to work with you because of your attitude problem. Like what is the old saying. "It takes two to Tango". Therefore, You have to be skillful and a good leader at the same time to get the promotion.   

5. You Are Not Suited For The Business Needs

So what's the business needs? It is the organization's or the company's needs to perform well on the daily operations. So for example, you work as a Technical Support on a company you are working for. So your usual tasks are assisting and providing better solutions to the client's when they're encountering technical problems regarding using the application that your company is selling. You don't have a team leader so at the end of the day all of your reports will be submitted directly to your manager. And since you are craving for a higher position, you hope to be promoted as a Team Leader of the Technical Support. But the question is, is it necessary for the company to have a Technical Support Team Leader even the operation can go well without it? I think it's not. The company won't promote an employee for an upgrade position unless it is necessary and without that position, the operation of the company will not function well. 

6. The Company Can't Afford You

Here's the real talk, take a deep breath before reading and accepting it because you might fall on your chair after finding this thing out. Even if you have all what it takes to get promoted, You have the skills, you have the passion and dedication at work, and you have the perfect attitude to lead a team, Promotion will be impossible for you if the company cannot afford you! So what does it mean? Of course on a company owner's perception, promotion is an opening door for a new expenses. And if the company's cash flow doesn't go well, they won't promote the employee even if he/she deserves a promotion because at the first place they can't afford to give an increase salary for that person. Aside from that, why would your boss promote you if you can still perform well at your recent job position and they can still compensate your rate. It will just a huge cost for the company and they don't want to take that risk.

Honestly speaking, that's the one of the main reason why most employees files resignation from their company because later on, they will going to find out that they are WORKING UNDERPAID and they deserve better.