You don't have a maid. Both you and your spouse are working and you have children going to school every working day. Because of these, you already look haggard while still at home, and you are always running late in the morning. How can you cope with this situation? Here are some helpful tips on how to get to work more relaxed and yes, on time:

1.Put your keys, whether they be house keys or car keys in the same place every night before you sleep. This way you'll know where they are each morning. This will save you precious minutes.

2. Some people take a long time staring at their wardrobe thinking of what to wear each morning. So, lay the clothes you intend to wear for office the night before.

3. Prepare the next day's food before you retire for the night. You can alo set up the breakfast table right after dinner. That way, you'll only need to cook or reheat the breakfast, saving you a lot of time.

4. Take a bath or shower before going to bed. This worked well for most. You didn't get all dirty while sleeping, did you? You may or may not take a quick shower when you wake up depending on your mood. The quick shower is just to quicken up all your body system that slowed down while you were sleeping.

5. Make a schedule of who gets to use the bathroom for each member of the family especially if there's only one bathroom available. This will ensure a smoother bath-time flow.

6. Fix the bed as soon as you get up. You'll never find the time if you save it for later. You need not fold or smoothen up everything. Just tidy up the obvious things.

7. Invest on some clocks, preferable with a timer and alarm. Put one in every room and this includes the bathroom. Make sure you know how many minutes are allotted for each chore. The clock is a constant reminder that you will be right on time.

8. If you like listening to the morning news, turn on the radio instead of the televison. You can do other chores, like fixing your hair or preparing your children's lunchboxes, while listening. Or you can do the listening in your car's radio.

9. Give allowances for unexpected delays. A 30-minute lead-time is good enough. If ever you are running after time, be cool and compose. Panicking will lead to more time wasted.