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  • Everybody do procrastinate. Some of us does it once in a while and others do it daily like a ritual before actually starting to work. Which can really hinder a person to be productive.

    Sometimes we end up in a cycle of train of thought of what needs to be done or what to do first and most likely ends ...

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  • Work SMART! Not Work HARD

    7 years, 11 months ago

    Ever wonder why despite of all the over time at work and accomplishing all the tasks you have for the quarter, it is still hard for you to get promoted? The reason is you don't work smart, you work hard. And in the field of climbing the corporate ladder, skills and hardwork are not enough. These are the common factors ...

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  • Securing Favorable Attention

    Suppose that you succeed in securing an interview. What will you do? The first thing you should attempt is the same thing a salesman should attempt in a sales interview, namely, to secure favorable attention. You cannot be too careful of your personal appearance when you are applying for a position. Unpressed clothing, unpolished shoes, dirty fingernails ...

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