Everybody do procrastinate. Some of us does it once in a while and others do it daily like a ritual before actually starting to work. Which can really hinder a person to be productive.

Sometimes we end up in a cycle of train of thought of what needs to be done or what to do first and most likely ends up thinking to something entirely different. Then start thinking all over again until we get stressed out of the thought of having too many stuff that needs to be done.

So here are some tips that can generally help you become more productive.

1. Make A To-Do List

This might be simple to do and you might even think that this adds more trouble because it will consume time to make. Yes it will consume time to make but once you have written what you are going to do for the day. You will have a guide where you can start and what you need to do and what not. If you end up wandering out of what you need to do just look at your list. This can either give you the grasp of the work you need to done or guilt that you still have a lot of stuff that you need to work on.

2. Prioritize

This is a compliment to the To-do list. Once you have written everything you need to be work on for the day. The next step is to re-arrange the list if needed. Make sure to prioritize items that are really important and needs to be done by the end of the day. If you have a lot of items in your list you will most likely find out that some can be done either later today, tomorrow or next week. While other items have to be prioritized. One clue if the item needs to wait for another persons work before you can begin. Then that is a clear sign that you can push it down the list. Another is if an item is waiting for another item in your list. This way you have a much clearer idea of the stuffs that are really important.

3. Remove Distractions On Your Desk

Remove any distractions on your desk like toys. The cleaner your desk is the better. However if you think you can be more productive with a messy desk then go ahead. Just make sure that you remove any distractions that can led you to procrastination.

4. Take A Small Break

Working too hard is good but if you are just pushing yourself and nothing really comes to mind after thinking it over and over again. Then taking a small break should help you. Try to get up from your chair. Go outside and breath some fresh air or go to your office's pantry. Just so you can make small walks and make sure that you are breathing deeply because this will relax you which should make you be able to think more properly.

5. Reward Yourself

This one is a little tricky to do specially you don't have enough self discipline. Once you you know what items in your to-do list you think you can finish by the end of the day. Start thinking of putting a reward for it. Make sure that you are not pushing yourself too much or making it too easy because this defeats the purpose of rewarding yourself. Rewarding yourself after a long tiring day can boost your self accomplishment and will also help you be more determined to finish the items in your to-do list.