There are several ways on how you can prevent the thieves from stealing your car. A lot of different ways to protect the cars are being developed.

But an old trick was pulled up by the owner of this new Volkswagen Transporter car, instead of having the latest technological feature that would protect his car he made use of the cover ups.

He contacted Clyde's wraps in Glasgow which is a master in creating artworks in vinyl. The owner of the Volks wanted to make this brand new car into a rusty-like old car.

After getting the exact measurements of the car, Clyde's wrap transformed this beauty into a piece of junk that looks like it was abandoned. The rusts on the vinyl seemed to be real.

When the authorities saw this car, the owner got pulled up and was asked about the rust on his car.

There is nothing wrong with getting your preferred art graphics. However, it may cause confusion to other people so we better be careful on what  we choose. The question is, Are you brave enough to try this? Share your thoughts below.