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  • South Korea is not only famous for their scrumptious cuisine, it is also known for its beautiful women. With a flourishing entertainment industry, it is no wonder that some of the most stunning actresses in the world are South Korean. Their cute cuddly faces, gorgeous smiles, and well-sculpted trim bodies have made them a global sensation to movie, music, and ...

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  • The ocean is a great mystery unto itself. Diving deep down to the ocean floor, you never know what alien creatures you may meet or what pirate treasures you may find. Over the centuries the ocean has given rise to an immense number of bewildering and puzzling mysteries, myths and legends. People are still trying to solve the ancient secrets ...

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  • There are several ways on how you can prevent the thieves from stealing your car. A lot of different ways to protect the cars are being developed.

    But an old trick was pulled up by the owner of this new Volkswagen Transporter car, instead of having the latest technological feature that would protect his car he made use of the ...

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