Okay, some of your might be already know why you should be optimizing your website for search engines but this is for those still asking themselves why they should optimize their websites.

If you are one of those people building websites with content that are intended to be read by people from around the globe. Then you should be concerned with search engine optimization. If you are however building a web app and access is exclusively for those with premium accounts or contents are only available to registered users. Then you might not really need to be concerned being on search engines results. This is assuming you have sales going around selling your product. If however you are still interested what are the benefits with opmitizing your website for search engines then please read on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process or act of making your website or web pages optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. These search engines uses robots to crawl the internet for content until it hits your website. Since robots are not like humans you will need to make changes on your page so that they can comprehend the content. A good structured website that can be easily read by both users and robots can benefit you greatly in terms of SEO. This way robots can easily rank your page more accurately and show it to people that really cares about your website contents.

A lot of people browse the internet searching for something but they do not go from websites to websites just to find what they are looking for. Instead they just go to the popular search engines and just type in what they are looking for. Then a moment later after submitting their queries to these search engines they will be presented with relevant contents from around the globe that these engines deemed to be important and relevant to what the user is searching for. The contents that they are presenting to the user are from what they have gathered so far from the internet. They gather content by crawling the world wide web for relevant contents and ranking them accordingly to be shown later to those user that cares.

All around the world people are searching for something every second. Just in Google there are already on average 40,000 people searching every second. By optimizing your website for search engines you are tapping to a lot of potential visitors. With an optimized website you get free organic visitors without too much marketing. Of course this is assumed that you have a good content that users will be happy to share to others. If you are now convinced that your website really need search engine optimization then better learn some basic SEO to start.