We have created a guide on how to change your DNS server from your ISP's into the Google Public DNS in your desktop. Now this one will be a guide for how to change the DNS server of your Android phone. 

There are several ways you can change your Android's DNS Server. Just start searching the Android PlayStore and you can see that there are several free applications which you can use and I will recommend 2 applications later but if you want to checkout the applications I'm talking about you can scroll down at the bottom of this article. I've put it at the bottom since most if not all of us is using a Wifi connection and doesn't really use much of our mobile data. So the first one I will guide you on is how to change a DNS server of you Android's Wifi connection.

Manual Way Of Setting DNS Server In Android

To change your Android phone's DNS server go to Settings and tap Wifi. You should now see the Wifi connections you have connected in the past and the ones your phone have detected in the range. Look for the Wifi connection that you want to change the DNS with. Better if you are currently connected. Then select and hold that Wifi connection.

Android's Setting For WifiTap the "Modify network config." selection. It should now open the configuration for the Wifi's connection. You should see the Proxy and IP Settings in the new window.

Configuration Window For Android's Wifi Connection

In the IP Settings change it to Static from DHCP. It should now show the whole Wifi's connection settings including the IP Address and Gateway.

Android Wifi connection setting with static on IP SettingsJust leave everything as is and change the "DNS 1" to your DNS server of choice but for this guide we will change it to the Google Pulic DNS server which is "". As you can see in the "DNS 2" field it is already set to the other IP address of Google Public DNS server which "" so we will just leave it as is. After that just click the Save button and you have now changed your Android phone's DNS server into Google Public DNS server.

Using Application To Change DNS Server In Android

There is an application called DNSet. The free version can only be used to change your Wifi's connection DNS server to Google Public DNS. There is no support for changing your mobile data dns server. If you want to change to other DNS Server or you want support for mobile data you will need to buy the full version.

Changing DNS Server On Android's Mobile Data With Root Privileges

For rooted Android phones there is an application available in the Play Store that is free called DNS Changer. DNS Changer is free and will requires a superuser privileges which means you must have a rooted phone to be able to change your mobile data DNS server. Unfortunately if you don't know how to root your phone or doesn't want to you have only a choice between just settling for changing your Wifi's connection DNS Server or buy the full version of DNSet.