To address the numerous political problems of the country, the government has adopted/planned the following programs and measures:

  1. Proposed Charter Change through Congress sitting as a Constituent Assembly.
  2. Proposed change of the present republican form of government to a parliamentary system.
  3. Computerization of elections.
  4. COMELEC rules and regulations limiting election expenditures and regulating other election campaign activities.
  5. Additional budget to defray the expenses of a burgeoning government bureaucracy.
  6. Additional budget for infrastructure projects and other developmental plans and programs.
  7. Fiscal autonomy among government-owned or controlled corporations.
  8. Local autonomy to local governments.
  9. Additional budget for the military and other armed forces to combat terrorism and insurgency movements.
  10. Privatization and commercialization of government-owned or controlled corporations.
  11. Import liberalization, globalization and deregulation policies.
  12. Lifting of tariffs on imported goods; lifting of protectionist policies.
  13. Inducements and incentives to MNC’s and TNC’s to operate business in the Philippines like tax holidays; tax breaks by the host country; tax credits; foreign exchange allocations; use of domestic capital banks; repatriation of capital profits, royalties, and other service incomes.
  14. Joining treaties and executive agreements with world trade bodies whose objectives are more advantageous to the more technologically advanced economies: Ex: WTO, APEC, GATT, etc.
  15. Opening Philippine markets as dumping grounds of cheap foreign surplus products.
  16. The use of military, economic, and peaceful solutions to address the insurgency and secessionist movements in the country.
  17. Liberalizing the entry of foreign nationals not only in trade but also in providing services.
  18. Business ventures with foreign capitalists in the exploration and exploitation of our natural resources.
  19. More tax measures especially on non-essential commodities.
  20. Life-style check on government employees and officials.
  21. Government check on unexplained wealth of government officials and employees.
  22. Establishment and creation of Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan to address graft and corruption, abuses and malpractices of government officials and employees.
  23. Greater citizen involvement in the maintenance of peace and order.
  24. Giving quasi-judicial powers and paralegal training to barangay officials and the creation of Lupong Tagapamayapa or Pangkat to hear barangay disputes before they are elevated to the courts.
  25. Allotting 30% of the national budget to pay the interest in our domestic and foreign debts.
  26. Strengthening political and economic ties with former colonizers, especially with US and Japan.
  27. Austerity and cost-cutting measures on government-owned or controlled corporations.
  28. More export of brain and brawn manpower and raw materials to other countries.
  29. Opening the country as an export processing zone.
  30. The maximum use of the Public Order Law, Law on Libel, the Calibrated Pre-emptive Response Order and other executive orders to silence dissent, suppression of the freedom of the press and of expression, and to contain social movements and collective actions.