If you are reading article out of curiosity, Maybe you are a man searching which type of girlfriend you currently have. Or maybe a woman, who's searching what type of girlfriend you really are. Finding out what type of woman you are currently dating is really important. Some girls are nice and sweet but there are also girls that you really need to watch out for.

We have compiled the 9 types of girlfriends that you must know and how they are different to each other. I know you guys could relate about this because once in your life, you fell in love with these kind of women whether you admit it or not.

1. The Cheater

This type of girlfriend is the most difficult one to determine. Why? because there is no distinct indication for you to know if your girl is a cheater despite the fact that you know her very well. Whether she is gorgeous or not, sweet or boring or even she's a decent girl came from an upper class family, you wouldn't know her capability to cheat unless you exert effort to observe and research about that.

I know a lot of people who are capable of cheating, and what is their greatest common denominator? Well, It is the lack of affirmation that they receive from their partner. Girlfriends who are more capable on cheating or commiting more than one relationship are the girls who are lack of appreciation and always taking for granted by their boyfriends. Why? Because they tend to easily attract or maybe fall in love with someone that shows more attention and affection to them that they can't get from their own partner. They are most likely the people that your girlfriend usually interact with when you are not around like coworkers, close friends and even churchmates. So if you're a guy who is complacent on the relationship, you better be careful because you won't know what your girlfriend is capable of once you are not around.

2. The Stage Five Clinger

This type of girlfriend always demands your attention. She demands to text and call you all the time and always remind you how much she miss you and wants to be with you. Aside from that, when you are together, she keeps on talking about your future plans like wedding, having kids and growing old together. It's nice to be with this kind of girlfriend because you are the center of her world but too much of it is suffocating.

3. The Sweetheart

This is every guy's dream girl. A sweet loving girl who loves to cook, bake or do girly stuffs. When it comes to clothes, a tee shirt and jeans is always on her wardrobe. She is a simple girl with full of dreams with her partner. She is loyal and always do everything to make her man happy. This girl will be a great and supportive mom someday.

4. The High Maintenance Bitch

This type of this classy lady has a great taste on wardrobe, always wear make up and most of all, a Jetsetter. Most of her stuffs are branded and luxury items will not be absent on her closet. Most of these are Chanel, Louis Vuitton and etc. She is fashionable from shoes unto clothes and elegant from choosing where restaurant to eat and where hotel to stay. She won't let you wear clothes that doesn't suit on her standards. She always want to present herself well to other people. Same as what she wants to present her boyfriend to her friends, relatives and co workers as well. Being around with this girl is exciting because you will experience to travel to some places you never in but make you sure to have a self upgrade first because you will always get intimidated by this chick.

5. The Emotional Wreck

The emotional wreck. This is the emo-girl. She always cry even to small things like gaining weight and especially when she wasn't able to get what she wants. This girl is not crying because she is sad but because she wants something. Almost like a spoiled brat who leverage her crystal tears to manipulate you and make things work for her.

6. The Two-Faced Bitch

She seems happy and funny when you are with her but deep down she has jealousy and insecurity that she tries to hide. This type of girlfriend tends to secretly check your phone or facebook accounts to see who are the girls you are close with. Don't underestimate this kind of woman because they are just seem nice and innocent but you wouldn't know how great they are on stalking and finding out the truth. When this girl ask you a question, it doesn't mean that they are seeking for answer. They know the answer and the truth already and they just ask because they want to know what you are going to do. Whether to lie or tell the truth.

7. The Party Girl

This girl always want to go out and drink. Margarita and Tequilla is her bestfriends. Partying is part of her life and she is always on the club every Friday and Saturday night. Being around with this girl is not recommended because she is always into having fun and it seems that doesn't have plans for the future.

8. The Gold Digger

So maybe you think that the High Maintenance Bitch is almost the same with the Gold Digger. The thing is, what they have in common is both of them love expensive stuffs and enjoy luxurious lifestyle but the gold digger prefers DOM (dirty old man) with millions or even billions of money on their bank account. Gold diggers don't have taste on guys. They will seduce a guy whether he is married and have kids already once they found out that he is rich and willing to provide everything they want. Unlike high maintenace bitch who definitely work hard to climb up the corporate ladder, this gold digger work to climb up the boyfriend ladder. In which, once they are done with the old rich guy, they'll make sure to find another older and richer guy and repeat.

9. The Psycho Bitch

This type of girlfriend is an insecure bitch who always find something for you to blame. Stalking on your phone to check some text messages and always getting jealous even on your past relationships. This pyscho bitch tends to tantrums every time you argue but she is the one who seek forgiveness first because she doesn't want to lose you and keep telling you that she just love you so much that's why she's doing those things.