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  • Since New Year is coming, a lot of people now bought planners and chatting down all of their plans for the next year. Saving, Working out on the gym, Losing some pounds, Dieting and blah blah blah. But did you know that 92% of people who list down all of their New Year's Resolution on a piece of paper FAILED ...

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  • Tis the season to be jolly. Falalala lala lala. This holiday is suppose to be fun and exciting and also SEXY. Because not only Valentine's Day is a perfect season to show and spread love but also Christmas season. The warm touch of your love one is definitely perfect and rejuvinating for this cold season. Try this few tips we ...

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  • How To Spot A Liar

    8 years ago

    "Liars go to hell"

    That is a famous saying that someone will go to hell for deceiving and not telling the truth. Nobody wants to get fooled or even outsmartened by anyone. That's why it is a basic instinct that people are so eager to find the truth and to seek honesty from people they are caring for even it ...

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  • Nobody can resist the delicious taste of pancit. In the Philppines, Pancit is the popular food that is usually prepare by not so rich Flipinos and is always present on the table during special occassions. Unlike spaghetti and other pasta, Pancit doesn't cost to much. For that reason, a simple Pancit recipe is here in order for you to try in every occasions ...

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