When you have a hyperactive toddler of two to five years old in your home, you need to keep their surrounding clean, orderly and safe for them. The bathroom, an area where household members frequently use, is also a frequent place of accidents for small children. As such bathrooms should always be checked and kept safe for your children's sake as well as yours. Here is a list of things parents and guardians should remember in keeping their bathrooms in proper order:

1. Avoid clutters of bottles, canisters and sprays. Put your shampoo, body lotion and cleansing cream containers in a place where children cannot reach them. Similarly, toilet cleaners and other bathroom chemicals should be kept in a secured place as they contained very harmful and toxic components.

2. Keep gadgets and tools like razor, scrubber, blow-dryer in a secured cabinet away from children's reach. Objects like these can arouse a child's curiosity and can cause him harm.

3. When bathing your child in a bathtub, make sure to put a non-slip mat at the bottom of the tub to avoid slipping which could lead to serious injuries.

4. While bathing a child, make sure to prevent him from getting out of the tub, moving or running around by giving him a toy that will catch his attention and stay seated in the bathing area.

5. Make sure to keep the bath soaps in the proper container after bathing. Don't just leave them lying around the bathing area where children could play with them or where they can be stepped upon and cause a slipping accident.

6. Don't allow your child to play and tinker with the faucet and shower knob, especially when there is a heater attached to them. They can accidentally turn on the knob and could scald themselves with hot water.

7. Start teaching your children the safe way to use the bathroom, making sure to guide them accordingly and impart alertness and caution.

8. Always keep your bathroom clean and dry after using.