This video will let you realized the real essence of beauty. Way back when I was a child, I used to read magazines and get hooked by the cover model and other tips that I think will improve my physical self like my weight, my appearance and my taste in clothes so that I will be prepare for how people will judge me if they see me in the future. But after watching this video, you will know the almighty power of photoshop. People who works on magazine industry are definitely good on transforming a photo into a desirable one for the sake of marketing and advertising their product .

Photoshopping, digital alteration, image manipulation, blah blah blah. Everyone talks about the fact that so many images of people are “perfected” with the help of technology, but we can’t just toss it aside as a non-issue everyone already knows about. Whether or not a person is aware of the possibility of image alterations, not everyone realizes exactly HOW MUCH these images are changed to fit some seriously un-human and unrealistic ideals that we view over and over. And not everyone understands that it isn’t just fashion magazine covers that feature drastically Photoshopped images. It’s TV. It’s video. It's internet. It’s your favorite brand online. It’s everywhere.


So why I chose this video instead of other videos and photos that was applied by photoshop by making the model slim and flawless? It's because the editor of the image on the video is definitely skillful and incredible. I was totally amazed and shocked how the editor transformed the picture of an old lady into a young one by the use of several complex editing tools and techniques that he know. 

So what's the point of this article? The point is, even the cover models of the magazines know that what they appear on the photos are not real. That's why the saying "To see, is to believe" is not applicable at all times because even the things that we see that seems real can betray us. And that's the almighty power of photoshop! For making us believe what is not real by manipulating the viewer through changing the standard of beauty.

People may feel depress and disappoined because they can't be as perfect and flawless as what they see on the magazines and internet. The answer is Yes! They can't be like that. Because reality speaking, there is no such thing like that. Nobody's perfect physically. That's why instead of striving to look good. Why not striving to feel good? what's the difference between that? Feeling good will make all of your negativity and insecurities fade away. That will be the time you will start to love yourself and  accept even your imperfections. And with your confidence to your imperfections, people will start to love and accept you the way you love and accept yourself. That's why I already found the answer from the quote of Mark Zusak (author of the 'I am the Messenger'):

"Sometimes, people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in the way they are." 

Everyone of us has uniqueness that makes each of us beautiful. If we only have the courage to let it shine so that other people will see and appreciate it, The standard of beauty will be different and more meaningful. A real beauty that never fades by age but stays inspirational and motivational as time pass by. Because if you are happy and accept what you really are, you can make people happy too. And that's the real essence of beauty. Sharing happiness to other people and helping them find their happiness. To make them realize that the real happiness is not difficult to find. It will just start from within you and that is learning by loving and accepting yourself first.