1. Decide What Exactly You Really Want

I know we have a lot of things that we want on our mind. We want to graduate in college, to have a decent job, to drive on our own luxury car, to live on a mansion and etc. But remember, for you to achieve your goal, you must acquire the knowledge first that requires prioritizing on what you really want. Because in reality, Achieving goals doesn’t happen overnight. It requires critical analysis for your strategy to use to achieve your goal and of course, a day by day dedication.

So the first step is to Focus on Yourself. Think what you are very passionate about and what you really want to achieve or to have. After that, rate it to what extent you want it so badly.

If you already decided what you want and rate it as perfect 10, then you’re done with the step no. 1. It just mean that you have to be ready and prepare to face the different consequences in life just to get it. For that reason, You have to be brave and motivated enough for you to pay the price of your success.

2. Go For It And Pay The Price Of Your Dreams

All things come with sacrifices. You need to sacrifice money, time and effort. Since you already decided what you really want to. Let me ask you this, are you willing to give up something or someone or to sacrifice just to achieve your dreams? Well that’s LIFE

L-iving I-sn’t F-ucking E-asy.

Life is not a bed of roses nor a piece of cake when achieving goals! Life is full of challenges that will somehow make you, or break you. The path that you are going to take will not be a smooth-cemented path with matching confetti. It is actually a rocky-road with matching rain and storms. And while continuing your journey, you are going to decide to leave something or give up something just for you to move forward. You’ll have to unload your baggages along the way especially if they are the hindrance on achieving your precious, treasurable, and most awaited dream.

Remember, it will matter at the long run. Don’t worry.

3. Design your plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Create plans for your life and future! It is the gift of God, make it useful and productive. When making plan you should at least have a guide. So try to adapt this not-so-new criteria when making or designing your plan.

S – SPECIFIC (Make it direct to the point. Specify what you really want!.)

M – MEASURABLE (Easy to calculate/measure. You just need a short but brief and precise plan.)

A – ATTAINABLE (Don’t make it impossible to attain. Everything is possible as long as you want your dream as much as you want to breathe.)

R – REALISTIC (It is real life situations so don’t go beyond imagination.)

T – TIME BOUND (There must be a deadline on it. Period!)

Then someone realize that it needs an innovation so they decided to at least add two more acronyms.

E – EXCITED (Be excited and enthusiastic! Add fuel to the fire, darling.)

R – REWARDING (Then, it must be very rewarding in which at the end of  your journey, you will have something in return aside from your dream itself.)

So now you have the SMARTER! And try to be one.

4. Use A Goal Reminder

After deciding what you really want, knowing what it takes to achieve your dreams and designing the strategy plan for you to achieve your goals. It’s now time to make a goal reminder. So what is it? and how important is it?

There is a popular saying that 'for you to achieve your goals, you have to envision it first’. That’s why a picture of your goal whether it is a house and lot, a perfect body or a great career must be post in a place in which you always see it. Like in your room, on your office desk and etc. But if you want privacy then just wrote it in your diary or use the image as your wallpaper on your phone or on your computer.

Why do you need to do this? Because we humans, tend to forget easily. We tend to forget things even if they are very special to us, it is inevitable. Therefore, to avoid it you have to remind yourself what your goals are. and it has to be done ALWAYS.

In our everyday life we usually meet different people with different idealism. To that cause, there is also possibility that what you eagerly want for today will not be what you want for tomorrow. Plans and dreams change and so are people. But take note that never-ever fail to recall yourself what you want to achieve, what is your priority and what is the thing you are really working hard for. If there were times that you feel you want to give up, always remember the reason why you started.

5. Take Action Toward Your Goal

After making the four steps now is the time to really begin to achieve those precious dreams. It is not enough to realize your dream, to remind it to yourself and to plan it out because you must need to start working on it. I know it is the crucial part because the first move is the very hardest but remember, it will just be only difficult at first, once you surpassed it, everything will fall into places.

You need to step your foot on real scenario. Do not be afraid, be a risk-taker. Always seek for positive thoughts, there’s no room for negativities. Take action! Action speaks louder than words. People become successful when they work hard for it wholeheartedly.

6. This Will Be The Last One! Stay Motivated

I, myself having a tough time doing this last step. It is so hard to keep yourself motivated in everything you are doing. But I’ll give you a simple and effective tips to be motivated. First, is don’t lose your interest on your goal, try to always imagine your life once you already achieved your dreams, it is very overwhelming right? So make it your way to stay motivated all the time.  Second is don’t ever stop the process in achieving your dreams nor rest because it will lead to laziness and the worst thing is giving up. So don’t! Don’t you dare, it is for your own sake. Third, is just look at the people you really care about. I know that your dreams are not only about you, it is also about your family and your love one. Maybe you just need to see them smile or see their pain to get you motivated in making your dreams come true. It works, you better try it. Always remember that if success is easy, well everybody will have it. 

I wish you luck.