Back when I was kid, during holiday season my family and I usually buy cooked leche flan because of knowing that it is difficult to make and require plenty of ingredients and preparation. But in reality, preparing a delicious leche flan is just easy and simple. So why spending money to buy leche flan if you can cook and prepare it by yourself. Here is a recipe for leche flan that contains easy steps. So what are you waiting for? Try now. I know you are now craving on the sweetness of caramel and creaminess of the flan.


6 beaten whole eggs
300 ml condensed milk
300 ml evaporated milk
1 tbsp. of vanilla


1 tbsp. water
3 tbsp. of brown sugar


1. On the llanera,  pour 1 tbsp of water and 3 tbsp of sugar and stir it.

2. After that, heat the llanera pan on a stove in a low heat and wait for the sugar to caramelized.

3. Remove the llanera pan once the sugar was already caramelized.

4. For the preparation of the flan, Pour the beaten egg, condensed milk and evaporated milk and vanilla on a bowl and mix it all together.

4. After that, pour the leche flan mixture on the llanera pan with the caramel on it.

5. Steam the leche flan for 30 minutes in a low medium heat.

6. Once the mixture turned into solid form, it is already cooked and you can now chill it on the refrigerator.

7. Flip it on the plate and it is now ready to serve.

Enjoy the sweetness of the leche flan and have fun!