Admit it or not, A huge percentage of people in the world struggling financially despite of their high salary and luxurious lifestyle. As what is Robert Kiyosaki said from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

It is not about the money you earn, it is about the money you keep.

Actually I know someone who lives luxuriously. Has a nice car, lives in an exclusive subdivision, afford to shop expensive clothes and dine on a fancy restaurants. But in fact, a broke and struggle hard financially. 

So here are some simple tips that will help you to save money and spend money wisely.

Quit Your Expensive Habits

So what are those expensive habits? Those are smoking, having coffee at Starbucks, drinking and partying. You won't just notice that those habits cause money to flow away from you without nothing in return. To that cause, Call up your fortitude and work hard to kick those habits so your money will stay in your pocket and will be spend to something more important and useful instead of burning it up and floating it way. Imagine how much hard you work to earn that money. So spend it wisely.

Make Your Own Gifts Instead Of Buying From The Store

Instead of buying from the store, why not make your own gift for your love ones instead? So what are those things that you can simply make? You can make some homemade cakes or cookies for your mom's birthday or you can make a creative card with a cute message on it for you boyfriend's or girlfriends anniversary. Aside from that, you can also create a video clip with a sweet music that contains several photos of you and your love one. It is just easy to make in movie maker especially now that even on android phones you can download several applications for video editing.  You can also give your love on a beautiful painting or drawing.These make spectacular gifts for others because it involves your effort on doing it. This will make it even more special than anything you could possibly buy down at the mall, plus it saves you money. What you just needed is a touch of creativity and passion on what you are doing. 

Shop on Thrift Store

When it comes on buying clothes and shoes, why not consider on shopping at thrift store. It has good items with reasonable prices as well. And when it comes to reliability, of course you are the one who have to examine it first. Instead of buying at the store with expensive price for clothes but just has same reliability and durability with the thrift one. Why not go with the thrift one? plus it saves you money.

Cut Back On Fast Food

If you are really determine to save money, Avoid eating at fast food. Pack a sandwich from your home and put it on your bag instead. So whenever you feel hungry, you will not be tempted to buy a cheese burger or fries in the nearest fast food chain coz you have the food you brought.

Repair Your Damage Clothes Instead Of Buying A New One

For example that your jeans has damage on its zipper, It doesn't mean that its time for you to throw that away and bought a new pair of jeans. What you need to do is buy a new zipper instead to replace it with the worn out zipper of your jeans. Same thing with blouses with lost buttons and shorts or skirts with loose garter. You don't need to throw that away, If there is possible way to repair the damage, repair it. Buying a new one is not a solution especially if you are saving money.

Don't Go Malling for Entertainment

Doing so is just an encouragement to spend money you don’t really have on stuff you don’t really need. Instead, find other places to entertain yourself – the park, the basketball court, a museum, a friend’s house, or even in your own home. Don’t substitute shopping for entertainment and you’ll be way better off.

Learn How To Dress Minimally

Don't buy clothes just because its on trend. Because reality check, after few months that it is not trendy anymore you cannot wear it and it's a waste of money. Buy clothes that mix and match well and you’ll not need nearly as many clothes. If you have five pants, seven shirts, and seven ties that all go together, you have almost an endless wardrobe right there just by mixing and matching. This is exactly what I do in order to minimize clothes buying and still look professional – I just mix and remix what I wear by using utilitarian clothes options to begin with.