By Takeaway (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Pork, beef and lamb meats also called red meats are in general bad for you because they contain more cholesterol and saturated fat also known as bad fat compared to chicken and fish. Red meat will greatly help increase your blood cholesterol and can make heart disease worse. Yes bacon is very delicious but you should really lower your intake of it because it can get you in a really bad situations.

Cholesterol by itself isn't bad but excess of it is. It is an important part of all animal cell membranes. It helps maintain both cell membrane structural integrity and it's fluidity. So you see our body needs cholesterol so what you hear and see about it being bad is not really entirely true. Being part all animal cell membranes, cholesterol plays an important part in our body. The problem comes when you have excess of cholesterol in your body. These excess cholesterol will form plaque in the layer of your blood vessel walls. Then overtime these plaques can break open and causes blood clots. Which can block an artery from flowing blood into parts of your body. When an artery that delivers blood to your brain is blocked it can cause stroke and when it is to your heart it can cause heart attack.

Eating more red meats like pork beef and lamb can dramatically increase your accumulation of cholesterol. In which overtime you will have too much excess that can sooner or later get you in a bad situation.

An alternative to eating these red meats is chicken, fish and beans or you can just eat healthy foods. These are also high protein foods but unlike red meats these have a lesser content of cholesterol and saturated fat.