With more and more products steeling their claims with the efficacy of natural ingredients, we couldn't resist asking: Do they really work? You will see beauty products advertisements everywhere, from billboards unto TV commercials, and from testimony of a typical lady unto a testimony of a famous star. Company uses the most effective way to market their product. Knowing that they could truly convince how effective their product is. That's why Imbalife team investigate and do some research to clarify things and find out if your beauty junkie can truly work for you and prettify you. Who knows that even the aloe vera on your backyard will be a solution of your thinning hair? You will save hundreds of money instead of taking a hot oil treatment on a salon.

Here are some of the beauty myths and share with you the freshest of the fresh facts.

Myth 1:

Using natural ingredients is like blindy believing in old wives' tales.


Some natural practices are really effective options.

So, your mama told you to collect the sap off some leaf/twig/flower and use it to stave off those stubborn spots/give your hair glorious shine/ make your skin more supple. Being the skeptic that you are, you easily dismissed this to be, well, a lot of bull. But in truth, "natural and ancient practices for beauty, health, and well-being are acturally rooted in a basic understanding of science," says Randy Hefrichter, researcher for natural medicine and author of The Natural Fix. In addition to that, beauty expert Charlotte Kuchinsky supports that ancient remedies are the "forerunners of the products we use now."

Myth 2:

Natural products produce results at a slower pace.


With directed research and proper use, natural products can be potent beauty boosters.

Think of it this way: Natural products are like the basic building blocks of our beauty treatments. In fact in some instances, like in the case of other products with contain natural ingredients like potent Camelia leaf extract actually helps the product work more efficinetly. It all boils down to believing in the power of nature... and trusting in the science that harness this power.

Myth 3:

Only chemical ingredients can effectively solve skin problems.


A lot of science and technology is actually based on the strengths and efficiencies of nature.

We're fortunates that today's reputable companies are now pouring a substantial amount of resources to study the benefits and strength of natural ingredients. Today, it is no longer a competition between natural ingredients and scientific breakthroughs. Instead, it is the ideal "marriage of science and nature" that creates the most effective products available in the market. As a smart, no-nonsense kind of beauty buyer, you deserve no less than products that can effectively "distill the power of nature in a scientific maner to create results that can be proven and repeated," Think about it like your mama's magic remedies, backed up by official scientific research, and transformed into convenient formulas that can make you fairer/softer/healthier again and again and again.

Myth 4:

Natural products are only for the beauty and young.


Natural products are made for beauty-wise buyers.

Today, more and more options are available in the market, so your beauty proficiency relies on how much you know about the products you purchase. Using natural products with the complete knowledge of its strengths simply means that you are now looking for beauty solutions that are "more sync with the environment and not detrimental to the universe". Therefore, you are no longer just blindly giving in to old wives' tales, but are critically thinking about what products will make you naturally beautiful.