“Discipline your children while they are young enough to learn. If you don’t you are helping them destroy themselves.”

In an article, Nicanor P. Tioson wrote the following biblical tips for effective parenting:

1. Don’t be hard on your children

Parents should not rule over their children with an iron fist and possess the “Hey! You’re just a kid” mentality. In his letter to the Christian parents at Ephesus, Apostle Paul admonished them: “Parents, don’t be hard on your children. Raise them properly. Teach them and instruct about the Lord.” (Eph. 6:4) Love, understanding and proper guidance are but some of the ingredients of a good parent-child relationship.

2. Start the child on the right road.

“Start a child on the right road, and even in old age he will not leave it.” (Prov. 22:6 English Bible)

3. Discipline your children while they are young enough to learn.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.” The Lord teaches: “A father who spares the rod hates his son” (Prov. 14:24, EB). “Rod and reprimand impart wisdom, but uncontrolled youth brings shame on his mother” (Prov. 29:15)

4. Don’t provoke your children to anger.

Apostle Paul wrote, “Father, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged (Col. 3:21 EB) or be driven to lose heart. Parents and children should be the best of friends. Rapport must be such that both enjoy each other’s company.”

5. Parents should provide for their children

Writing to Christian parents in Corith, Apostle Paul stated that “Children should not have to provide for their parents, but parents should provide their children” (II Cor. 12:14). Of course, there is nothing wrong when children look back with gratitude and repay their parents in their parents in their old age. Nonetheless, parents should provide for their children’s needs while they are still capable – physical, emotional, social, educational, and above all, spiritual.

6. Help children defeat the evil one in the world.

Children who have been properly guided in the ways or words of God are strong. It is the parents’ obligation therefore, so instill the words of God in the minds and hearts of their children if they want them to overcome all forms of evil.

7. Let children seriously take what you are telling them.

King Solomon, himself a father declared: “Listen to me my child. Take seriously what I am telling you and you will live a long life. I have taught you wisdom and the right way to live. Nothing will stand in your way if you walk wisely, and you will not stumble when you run.” (Prov: 4:10-12). Long life, wisdom, and right living await children who heed parental advice or admonition.