It could be biorhythm, hormone cycle, sexual and behavioral compatability, whatever it is, the age difference between marrying couples are getting wider. Studies made with married couples during the last five decades reveal that age gaps is a factor in a lasting marriage.

We often read in newspapers and magazines of celebrity couples getting married and if you are keeping tabs, you're probably notice that the "older" men are marrying the "younger" women nowadays. And, indeed, according to recent studies, the difference in age is a key factor in a lasting relationship.

This relationship "phenomenon," however, is not confine to celebrities or to western countries. In fact, according to an Asian-wide study, it has become a continuing trend since the 1960s. Some people might find it odd, others a little kinky. Some moralistic ones would even consider it a perversion. A thought that most anthropologists and psychologists would disagree.

Teenage girls are better off having a relationship and eventually marrying older men according to a research made by the University of Colorado Health Science Center in Denver. Teenage girls are defined as 18 years or younger and men considered as older are 30 years and above.

Austrian psychiatrist Sigmun Freud said it is the "perfect relationship - "older men for young girls" - because they compliment and supplement each other in almost all aspects. Whether it's about hormones, personalities, attitudes, or plain and simple sexual attraction."

There are scientific basis why an older man-younger woman relationship works. Psychologists and social scientists pointed out that age difference have a definite bearing in the success of a relationship. In many research studies throughout the world, the married couples of which the man is 15 years or older than the woman usually are the ones that endure the longest relationship. On contrast, adolescent-to-adolescent marriage usually ended up in early divorce.

The fragility of adolescent-to-adolescent marriage is well documented. This is attributed to personality clash, mutual inexperience and immaturity, mutual impatience, and equanimity of the relationship. There is aggressive tension on both sides especially when they already became parents at a very young age. On the other hand, "an older father-adolescent mother couple perceives less discord because the adolescent mother is more submissive, defers to her mate, and assumes that he will be more capable because of his greater age and experience." Said Dr. Ida Nakashima of University of Colorado study. The older male for his part is more understanding and would rather console his younger partner on her "tantrums" with passionate kisses than angry remarks.

Some psychologists attributed the sucess of old man-young girl relationship to the modern Electra Complex phenomenon. According to several surveys, both in the Internet and on site, today's young girls prefer older men than boys their age. In fact, one survey made in four high schools in the wanting to have amorous relationship with their older male teachers rather than with their male classmates of just about their age.

Young girls are looking for the "father" image - someone who they could look up to. They want someone with experience rather than youth; someone with passion rather aggressiveness; and someone with more wisdom rather than brute physique. Yes, young girls today are evolving into a bunch who wants a long-lasting relationship rather than a weekly "quickie" love affair.