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  • Studies and observations of Filipino beliefs and practices give the following general Filipino values:

    1. Bahala na. This fatalistic outlook can be viewed in two ways. First, as a kind of fatalistic resignation which represents withdrawal from engagement or crisis or ...

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  • Definition of First Aid

    First Aid is the help or assistance given to injured people or those taken suddenly ill before the arrival of a physician.

    The principles and practice of first aid are based on practical medicine and surgery ...

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  • Music Of Mindoro

    5 years ago
    Music of Mindoro

    Folk song - is a song transferred from one generation to another without knowing who the composer was. The song contains the different aspects about the people, places, beliefs, values, and their ambitions, or dreams.


    The word ...

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  • To understand the pattern of development, certain fundamental and predictable facts must be taken into consideration. Each of these facts has important implications, which are explained in the following pages.

    Early Foundations Are Critical

    The first significant fact about development ...

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  • Components of Culture

    The following elements of culture render essential contributions to human social life:

    1. NORMS – These are guidelines people are supposed to follow in their relation with one another; they are shared rules that specify what is ...

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  • Major Community Health Problems

    1. Pollution

    Pollution as one of the pressing concerns of the country has been consistently poses a lot of threats to environment as well as hazards to human health and welfare. This is manifested by the ...

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  • The study of population is of major concern to sociologists and social scientists. To sociologists, population is the number of persons occupying a certain geographic area, drawing substance from their habitat, and interacting with one another.

    Demographers commonly define  ...

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  • Since you are in this article, I wish you have read this article first. SQL Injection. This article will show you how to use the HackBar Add On from Mozilla in SQL or XSS Injection.

    What is HackBar? 

    HackBar ...

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  • There are many ways to acquire money and be rich. It can be winning a lottery, a successful business or maybe even marrying a billionaire. A lot of thanks can be from the dotcom boom and the money that poured ...

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  • In spite of the fact that the first developmental period in the life span is next to the shortest of all – the shortest is the period of the newborn or infancy – it is in many respects one of ...

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