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  • Health Appraisal

    This refers to a series of procedures to assess or determine the health status of the students through the use of teacher's observations, screening tests, health histories or inventories, medical and dental inspections and psychological tests. They are ...

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  • Functions of Education

    Education performs both manifest and latent functions for the individual and the society.

    1. Manifest Functions

    These refer to the explicit, expected, intended or predetermined activities, goals or purposes of formal education. These goals may be accomplished ...

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  • 4 Sources Of Social Change

    5 years, 2 months ago
    Sources of Social Change

    Sociologists are also interested in studying the sources of social change, more specifically, where change comes from. For instance, what internal and external social forces worked towards the return to democracy or the Marcos dictatorial regime ...

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  • A social movement develops once collective behaviour persists and becomes organized.

    Keller (1982) defines social movement as an interrelated and co-acting unity of persons with some degree of organizational continuity aimed to promote or resist change in the society of ...

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  • How To Become An Ideal Girl

    6 years, 5 months ago

    Many girls are having a hard time finding out what is ought to do to be an ideal girl for the one they keep an eye on. Some are willing to do exceptional stuffs just to be noticed by the ...

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  • Physical fitness implies not only the acquisition of physical skills but it also the condition that helps a person look better, think better, digest better, enjoy more, feel better and more confident, too. It is a quality of life. A ...

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  • The ninth significant fact about development is that there are social expectations for every stage of development. Every cultural group expects its members to master certain essential skills and acquire certain approved patterns of behaviour at various ages during the ...

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  • In playing badminton, it is very necessary to learn the different terms used in order to understand the game, especially its rules or laws. The laws that will be learned and discussed here are based from the laws being implemented ...

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  • The French sociologist Emile Durkheim identified the four major elements of religion as expressed in his definition of religion:

    1. Sacred objects.

    Because religions are symbolic systems, the range of objects deemed sacred can vary widely. The sacred object can ...

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  • Recreation

    One of the major developmental tasks of middle age is learning how to use leisure time in a satisfying way. This is an especially difficult task because men and women now have more leisure time than they did in ...

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